For real? Whats with all the arguing?

I spent A LOT of time on this site last year only to be turned away by arguing and childish talk. I did myself engage someone that got out of hand and attacked me over a “im stoned” comment and probably said things that well…instigated it further! Not my best moment! It was handeled very well by mediators and me and dude actually hit it off pretty well after and shared some grow info. With that being said…upon my return to the site im seeing a lot of intense arguments happening. Look peeps, not anyone of us has all the answers! I most certainly do not and i do pretty good. We do have all the answers as a collective group of growers though!! This is an oulet to learn not argue!! Obviously some people are going to make outstanding claims. Maybe they grew it maybe they did’nt?? If they wont or cant back it up pass it to a mediator and rap it up quick because its gonna get wild! The only guy on this whole site i will listen to with 100% reliability is @dbrn32 and his knowledge in lighting and im sure at times even he gets stumped! Lets grow together and feel alright!! OnE LoVe


Well said thumb


You’re stoned. :smile: :smile: :smile:


Well for what it is worth since i have been on here its been great, no argument regarding @dbrn32 he is very helpful indeed, but a lot of girls and guys contribute greatly on this forum and other moderators, one is @MattyBear but the list of great peeps and moderators on here would overtake this topic if i listed them all.

If you think you hate someone give them a hug
as long as its not a Kangaroo :kangaroo: as it will beat the crap out of you.
Tolerance is a word worth understanding.


I don’t think I’ve seen any arguments here…?


They happen. It’s not very often because the mods do a great job of keeping this civil. In my opinion this is the most gentlemanly forum out there.

Differences of opinion are fine so long as we are respectful of others when disagreeing. As for those two knuckleheads @dbrn32 and @MattyBear; I guess we’ll just have to make the best of it with them hahaha! Love you Rob and Matt!


I bet it’s all these Australians that cause all the conflict. Aye you bloody larakins :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

@Hungrybud. @Ausgrow



Crikey i can’t argue with that :grin:


I appreciate the kind words and vote of confidence. There are certainly a lot of members with more knowledge than i have. I just contribute the most in area that isn’t as subjective as others can be. I don’t necessarily have all of the answers there either, but i will try to find them.

I think we’re a pretty good group when compared to most. Sometimes things go south, but it’s not always because of bad people. We have to remember that a good portion of the members here are growing in attempt to treat illness or other addictions. Sometimes we’re on posting stoned out of our minds, and sometimes great people have a bad day. None of which are excuses to be an ass, but I can relate to someone being a little moody for any of those of reasons haha!

That being said, I don’t believe any of us know everything. Sometimes disagreements on any particular subject can be a learning opportunity for many. We just have to make sure we keep our emotions in check and be respectful is all.


24/7. Hahahaha


Nah we can’t be bothered arguing. Haha Cher chilly bun. :call_me_hand:t2:

Peace , love and hair grease … :grin::wink:
Just remember , you can always be right half of the time , but never be right all of the time… :wink:
And when we really get to the bottom of this plant that we all love so much , its just root’s… right…? :grin::sweat_smile::joy::rofl::smirk:
No harm no foul…
Don’t get your panties in a bunch and relax and take a puff… :wink:
Besides , if anything your saying isn’t true , your the only one suffering…
And there are enough people here to guide you in the right direction… :wink:
I think most people get angry when they think that people don’t believe them…
I’ve grown so many different ways and for so long that i can tell when theres some monkey business going on , but honestly most people understand that commen sense is just that , commen sense… and you will definitely need a little bit of it to be successful at this… :wink:
Much love for all my fellow cultivators…
I want you guys to grow the biggest , fattest buds possible… just to take a little heat off of me… :laughing::grin::sweat_smile::joy::rofl::smirk:


Roots means something completely different in Australia aye @Ausgrow @anon78295680

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I’ve seen similar things in other forums. For example, anecdotal evidence. That is, my grandma did this and it always worked. OR, I did this and it worked…that one time.

Please everyone be extremely careful with this. Sometimes these tough assed weeds refuse to let us kill them…try as we might. Just because it worked for your grandma in the PNW US doesn’t mean it will work on the east coast. We all have different water, different soil, diff lights, diff temps, diff humidity, etc.

It would be great if we all had a tried and true method from which to start. But many of us really do start from square one. And sometimes that is far, far away from ideal.


Im in the states… but what i can tell you for sure is… any chick coming at me with an aussie accent can pretty much have anything she wants…
Its super sexy hearing them talk about doing chores and stuff… :grin:
We dont get alot of that from most women in my parts… :wink:
If a chick can tell me how to skin a snake and eat it , She’s awesome in my books and i will do what ever i can to make her happy…



Well spoken my fellow cultivator… :wink:


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For me it’s a Scottish accent on a woman… love it. Aussie is a close second though✌🏽


Then you need to hear a Southern women talk …lol


Totally agree Scottish accent is so hot… disagree with the Aussie accent as they can’t even say 6 properly or even fish and chips :joy::point_left:t6:


I like a Scottish or Aussie accent…but I loooove women with a good southern drawl! @garrigan62