For outdoor grows. What soil do you use. Do you stick with a potting soil or a garden soil

What’s happening gromies . So if your like me your getting excited about the upcoming out door grow. I’m getting ready to make my soil and I’m about to start germinating some seeds very soon so that when end of march April they will be big enough to put outside. So I’m going to try and make live soil. Been saving eggshells and I’m going to put worm castings and I may even put in live worms so they can keep producing fresh worm castings. Great nutrients for you plants. If anyone can tell me either a garden soil or a potting mix for an out door grow. And has anyone ever used live worms in their mix. I mean put live worms in the grow pot and let them live in it With the plants. If anyone has ever done so please let me know thanks.

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I put worms in my outdoor garden soil. I’m new to learning about cannabis but I’ve been gardening fsince I was a kid. I have raised beds and I leave the decaying plants in the ground until spring then pull the largest part of the stems out and till the fine roots. During the winter I still 'feed the worms. tI make a slurry out of organic bananas, coffee grounds, egg shells and any fruit and veggie rinds that I have hanging around. I poke several h oles in the area and fill the hole about half way and cover with soil. I also water the soil during the winter to keep it moist. Then in the spring, about 1 month before I plant, I mix in other nutrients and let it sit for at least a month before planting.

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