For outdoor growers

Please, for your safety, remember to turn off your GPS tagging on the pictures you post.
There’s many stories on the net with people getting arrested after posting pictures online, not to mention computer savvy thieves whom want to capitalize on your hard work.

Happy growing.


strong advice!!

or just use a digital camera instead of your phone to take pictures.


Have never had my location turned on if I get lost it is on purpose


From day one when I get a new phone I immediately turn off all location services and GPS crap. Now a days someone can look up your location from an app on their phone if you don’t have the right settings changed! :v:

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All cameras tag the image even “turning it off”. I am a photographer and have programs and even photoshop will show the image info. It’s crazy how much info is there. If you registered the camera and did firmware all that info is stored on images. Address, ip, state, zip and you get it. If they want info they can get it.
All this is called metadata and it was originally designed to save my images from copy write infringement. This was done cause people were stealing images off the web and selling or using them, with metadata tagged it’s easy to prove. It stays with the image. So it’s going to be hard to really get rid of the digital finger print.
Just giving you the reason it is there and can’t be removed


@Givemefire on my phone when I just hit the all info on the photo’s I put in the Grow journal and the location the said no location available . Is it still embedded in there somewhere or are phones different than a camera ? I sure hope so or I will just have to abandon my journal or only describe . And I was hoping to enter the bud of the month in a couple years when I get better at this.

@Oldstoner There are to many other things for them now to worry pot. If it was that bad then there’d be no one on the web. I’m not worried and they’ve got me way back in the 90’s. Just have fun. I’m more worried about my kids, 4 of them, friends or moms smelling it or finding it.
Get this I fear my mail lady cause she has in the past delivered my mail to my cop neighbor and her mail to my house. This is my fear not the web


@Givemefire yeah that would worry me to. When we lived in Florida there was a undercover cop a cross the street and I used to smoke in my garage one day I had just got blazed and Mike ducked under my half open door and walked right into the fog . I about shit my drawers and he just started laughing and told me that I should see my face then went back home and come back with a happy sack and we ended up getting truly wasted . He told me the only cop interested in a guy burning in his garage was rookies who hadn’t learned better or a citizen complaint . But I live in rural Virginia now and they are all a bunch of necks here . Thanks for the info I feel better


Also, try right clicking the file if it is on your computer.
Go to properties, and under the Details tab, you should see a remove
personal info option…

That’s what I’ve been doing, I just hope it really does remove my info.

Plus, I’ve turned off the location for the camera on my iPhone…
I’m always paranoid though, so if there is more, or a better way, please share.

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can anyone help me with trimming questions?


Sure bud, what’s your questions?

hey hey hey here to help if i can

I don’t like to send pictures we are just talking

I will try just explain whats wrong

If you don’t want to send pictures, that’s cool. Just try to remember to post a “support ticket” with questions about problems. Pictures just help for visual clues.

I would so love for them to Swooop in with their Helicopters and Ninjas and take down my Newbie 6 plant outdoor grow, It would cost them Thousands of dollars, I would be laughing my ass off, I don’t even smoke, just love to grow.My friends love me !!! Hell I got pics of me and my babies all over this community, no shame in my game.