For my aussie mates

Hey my aussie growers has any of you used these nutrients or recommend any other please.
Cheers in advance

A couple of pics of my babies

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Those are looking good.

I can recommend the canna range here which you can get for the best price from eBay or for not much more from your local Bunnings store.

Thanks #steveoz I’ll have a look at it. :+1:

Those numbers are usable for veg but theres just no bloom time nutes there you need heavy phosphorous

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Can anyone recommend a additive to increase yeild and Monterey buds. Or just use a good nutrient additive. Peace

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Humic acid and mykos(if added early) otherwise you just need lots of phosphorous

I am using canna PK 13/14 here, my plants seem to be liking it only just into the flower now and really starting to bud up.

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I use the Sensi pro range, plants love it.