For all the new growers

It has now been one year since I started growing at home seriously. I wanted to post some pictures of how this site has helped me so new growers can see what they have to look forward to.

My first grow I went with my own ideas from being a landscaper and having popped a few seeds over the decades. Here is a picture of that grow:

As you can see it was a flop. I think I got a bowl out of six clones and seven purchased seeds. Then I found this site and I went thru other people’s grows and lighting discussions and started making adjustments based on their advice.

This is my second grow…

I fixed the issues I had with my first grow that I carried into the beginning of my second grow and ended up with 3.5 oz from five five gallon plants.

Continued discussions with folks here fine tuned my processes and this is my third grow now…

That is also five five gallon plants and I expect to get maybe over 12 oz this time.

So for all of us plant executioners out there there is no substitute for research and good advice. Happy growing.



Damn you seriously upped your game their @Stomper


Very encouraging thank you for posting this

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Here is a pic for perspective …

I’d like to see other folks growth curve pics too. That would be very encouraging to new folks.


Dude, thank you very much. I am a grow beginner and I’m looking at buying an 8x8 grow tent with 4 kind 1000 LED. I am hoping that I won’t have to make another investment accept an extra grow tent to start my clones. Can I use one light in another grow tent to actually just start clones and go from there and move them into my 8x8? Is this even practical? Or will I eventually have to spend more on tents and lights?
Thanks dude been a real help!

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That is a nice tent. I am growing in an 8x4 tent and only using one half for my grow due to ac needs. This will be enough for me as I can do this every 90 days or so. Kind makes good lights. I am envious. You should be able to comfortably grow 4 five gallon plants in every quarter of that tent. You could do 6 with a shorter vegging time to get it filled. Choice is in do you spend more on seeds or learn to clone, etc. Look at folks grow journals. Mine is in there and you could do 4 of my SCROGs in that tent. “Bubbelicious 4x4 Scrog.”

Those Kind 1000s will cover the same area as a 600w HID and with Kind and Black Dog what they say is what you get so each one will do a 4x4 area. You will need all 4 for that tent.


This was my very first time growing outside. I made slot of mistakes in the beginning literally almost killed them lol. With the help of ILGM I did it. To be honest I did not get a lot off my plants 2oz but know I’m set for the winter😀 Now I have a little more confidence I’m growing a plant inside in a 2x4 grow tent.

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this was the buds at harvest!! Small hope next year is better😀


Nice feeling smoking that first harvest.

 Wow, you are actually the first person to give me really good advice on what I should get(except Robert but that's a given). I know I will have an introductory price that I will have to pay for all the equipment. I am looking at a package that I can buy that comes with a GGT 8x8 with 4 KIND 1000 lights. Even though I am a beginner I realize that using a tent that size and lights that strong can actually lead to overkill if I'm not careful. I am thinking of using 2 or 3 of these lights for my main grow. First off, can I do that?
  I guess my real question is this. If I use an 8 X 8 GGT and partition off a small corner will I be able to use the leftover 1000 for cloning & seedlings in a different portion of the tent. I know I can turn the power down with the remote control. Would that be enough to control the output of the light for clones & seeds? Or will I have to actually buy another smaller tent to use that 1000 light in. Which, I thought of doing at first anyway but I would rather just have 1 external duct than 2. I would like to do this for 2 reasons. 

#1 I don’t really feel like cutting 2 extra holes in my house.
#2 I really don’t want the neighbors to see two vents of steam coming out instead of my normal one.(I I think I know how to get around this and use just one vent but I’d rather hear your opinion first.)
Ultimately would I be better off getting another tent and put it in another room just for clones and seeds?
I’ve lived in the same house for over 50 years, my neighbor’s trust me, and no one ever comes over. I’ve also been a user for over 45 years so I’m not totally unexperienced.
I hope I have phrased my questions correctly and I hope that you can answer them.
Thanks again,

My first grow and actually I am normally the guy who can kill a thorne bush . Already knowing this was probably what saved me I have asked a ton of questions posted to many pictures and most of all followed the advice from the guy’s on here who have been growing for a while and know what they are doing . So from one newbie to another we can do this also take notes in a journal so you can track what works and what didn’t

This first picture s from September 20th the others are current . This is about a month before harvest time and is what you can do knowing absolutely nothing about growing mmj by just using this support system and getting seeds with good genetics from ILGM.

Good luck in your new endeavor
Okay a update for your encouragement same grow 30 days later


I would download the Grow Bible. It has a good section on grow rooms. Depending on where you put the tent will determine your cooling and/or heating needs. LEDs produce less heat so that is a plus on need to vent to outside. You may just need a circulation fan with a smell filter and can vent jut out the top of the tent. Would have to see the setup. This would be a good thing to use to start your own journal with. From the ground up. Next grow you can see what worked and what didn’t.

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Hey @hamakua the problem you’re going to have if you’re using females instead of Autos is that you will have a 12 12 light schedule and your clones cannot be on 12:12 they need to be on 18 6 light schedule so you actually need another tent, it would be too hard for you to try and block off an area of the tent and keep it dark or keep the light from getting into the bigger tent … also for your clones and seedlings it really isn’t necessary to get a tent u just need an area that you can keep kind of warm and it doesn’t matter if it’s open as long as you don’t mind the light shining everywhere but they can get lite even when their schedule isn’t calling for it and it will be no harm no foul it’s when you put your plants into flower under 12:12 that you cannot have light penetrating in there during thier dark time or else you will end up with seeds and all kinds of problems , hope that helps…