For all the home cooks here...wanna share?

I cut mine in quarter’s wrap in bacon salt pepper butter then wrap with foil
Man is it good

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It looks like a great recipe. It’s funny, the first sauce I made had no sugar. I learned my mistake quickly! Lol

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A little PH down might have worked :slight_smile:

I’ll have to try that as well.

There are different foods that I like, but I get bored and burned out with doing the same ol’ thing. That was part of what prompted me to start this topic.

Kinda hated starting a new one since I finally whittled my new topics to just under 100!

Unless someone else also started a new one!:unamused::wink:

A little sweet Vermouth is also a very nice touch to red sauce. I was a cook for over 20 years… hotels, nursing home and restaurants… and I don’t miss it at all. Just cook for family now.

Actually, I add a pinch or so of baking soda to help neutralize some of the acids. My wife gets indigestion and heartburn a lot.

I got the joke though. I’m just still out of likes. Really odd…

I found the best way to cook a steak is:

Let steak sit out for 30 mins. Rub with some olive oil, salt and pepper. In an oven-safe frying pan sear the steak on both sides using high heat. Should really be sizzling. Once seared (a min or 2 on each side, put a small pat of butter on each steak, put the pan in the oven at ~425 for 7 mins or so depending on how you like it cooked. Let sit for 5 mins then plate.

If you ever wondered why your steak at home isn’t as good as a steakhouse, try this. It’s how many places cook their steaks.

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I wouldn’t want to cook professionally. Some days I’m just not into it. That isn’t good business!

My wife has a friend that wants to open a little hole in the wall restaurant for me and her husband to cook in. He does very well with baking and desserts!


Will remember the vermouth. I’ve been looking for a different flavor…

Ribs ( a fav )

that is how my ol’lady cooks them,… we do that when I cannot use the grill for one reason or another.

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Damn, now Im hungry!

It’s a lot of work running a kitchen…dish washers calling in sick waitresses with hangovers and all that…


it is. my dad ran various diner/casino kitchens over the years… the best thing he ever taught me about cooking was that there is never,…“nothing to cook”…I can put together a meal out of next to nothing

My specialty is ice box soup…lol. Actually it was breakfast…my omelettes were the best from what patrons told me.

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Another reason I say no! Plus I don’t want to turn something I enjoy into work.

A friend told me I should try for a grow job, now that we passed medical. It sounds appealing, but don’t want my passion turned into a chore. Another good thing about me not growing to sell. No financial pressure if a harvest is substandard like the late starts I just recently harvested.

Damned money!!!..


Love my grill


Yea, I gotta say like grilling and smoking meat in a smoke house, also making side dishes such as salads and so on so forth, I enjoy cooking Italian food as well, Italian food has gotta be a favorite (of course besides grilling)


I love cooking breakfast. I’m the one that cooks it all the time here. Everyone waits for me to either wake up or get home for it. And bbqing outdoors in the warmer months with a fat joint hanging outta my mouth is the way to go. I seem to be a better cook when I blasted. Well everyone likes my food more when I’m blasted that is. Or maybe I just think that cause I’m fried. Either way they wouldn’t be coming back if they didn’t like it right???


Breakfast food is my favorite! I slip in a good omelet sometimes. :wink:


Oh yah I made a good omelet yesterday with bell peppers and cheese. It was delicious.