For all the home cooks here...wanna share?

I’ve noticed that many of us enjoy cooking at home. Perhaps some would like to share the foods they love.

I made spaghetti last night…

Well, I was going to show off my meal, but it seems I’m having trouble uploading today. I hate it when a plan falls apart! I’ll go ahead and start this anyway. When I get it figured out, I’ll post pictures as well.

BTW…it turned out great!!!..:yum:

So…whatchagot???..(Redneck terminology. :wink:)

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I prefer grilling…steaks…and if it aint at least a pound of meat it will never hit my grill.

I love pasta and make some pretty good stuff… but I am trying to lean paleo with my diet to see if it helps me trim up so I have to cut out the pasta.

In fact…I have two fat ribeyes marinating in the fridge right now…gonna grill them tonight and watch Monday night football

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Made some chicken fried steak last night and it was real good. I also do a lot of smoking of meats built a smoker a few years ago. Smoke all year round even during winter months when there is snow on the ground.


Love rib eyes. what are you marinating them in? Do use a charcoal grill or gas? I only use charcoal brings out a great flavor to steaks.

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Last night was Yankee pot roast and tonight the leftovers will be beef barley soup.


not sure about the marinade,…the ol’lady put it together… my grill is gas, I actually prefer it for convenience and even heat so I can grill consistently… usually add a dash of liquid mesquite in the marinade to add a smoky flavor… but I also stripe the steaks pretty well which also adds to the flavor…

my little brother and I always battle over grilling techniques…he is charcoal all the way… my mom has both so whenever we grill at her place he and I will both man a grill. I always smoke him when we compete… mostly because I get in his head, lol… I start talking smack to him and get him frustrated,…next thing you know he is serving up blackened raw chicken, lmao…so he has to sit there all day and hear everyone tell me how good mine is,…while his platter goes untouched, lol… it is kinda unfair really… when I leave him alone he grills really well…but we’re brothers, I have to talk smack, and it’s always a competition


Love me that Yankee food!

@Smokin_ernie Ernie I smoke meat all the time ! I’m older now so I take the winter off but I’ve been doing this for 35 - 40 years

I’ve never had a chicken fried steak I almost made one a few weeks ago but I ended up just grilling it on the Weber (lump)

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That is funny stuff brotherly love. I will give you the convenience of a gas grill and I have had some nice tasting food from a gas. I just like the charcoal better thou. Charcoal can be a pain in the ass if you just want something quick like burgers and dogs that is when I wish I had a gas.

What kind of smoker do you have? I have a weber as well love the thing. It has a propane starter on it so no need for a chimney to start the lump unless it doesn’t work like mine and still have to use a chimney.

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If you EVER try one you will be hooked
(Chicken fried steak)

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I agree. a properly done chicken fried steak is awesome

When I grill, also use a Weber, I use charcoal. My favorite grilling is done over an open fire of Oak with a little Hickory tossed in.

I have a large expanded metal grate that I can place over my fire pit.

I love a good, thick Ribeye…

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So how is it properly done? I enjoy them, just don’t know how to prepare or cook them.

Looking for some new recipes…

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I love grilling with charcoal, such great flavor, my favorite is grilled cabbage of course with BACON

I’ve never tried cabbage grilled. Mine is usually sauteed.

Sounds like it must be good…

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a chicken fried steak is usually made with a cube steak…after you take it out of the package…pound it with a meat tenderizer…that spreads it out a bit as well as making it more tender… then dip it in your favorite chicken batter for frying…some people season the meat but honestly with chicken fried steak the seasoning is mostly in the batter so I wouldn’t do much more than garlic and pepper on the meat itself… I would tell ya how to make chicken batter…but my fried chicken batter sucks… but I recommend you find a very spicy batter as that is where most of the flavor comes from… then a white gravy to pour over the top a bit…if your batter is spicy the gravy can be mild… much of the eating experience is texture, the tender meat surrounded by a crispy batter with a touch of thick gravy on it is just delightful really…wow,…did I just say delightful?? Holy crap,…that’s a punch out of my man card, lol


Thank you! I have always enjoyed eating it, now I can actually cook it. I prefer my cooking over restaurant cooking, so this is a great help!

Looks like I’m out of likes for a few hours.

pulls Oak’s man card You can have this back once you understand that “delightful” is not an appropriate word for you to use!!!

LMAO :imp:


Dam you all lmfao now I want some chicken fried steak with white gravy and mashed potatoes yummmy

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So what do you think of the Paleo routine?

I’ve thought about it, but I plan on making chicken-n-dumplings tomorrow. Can’t do that if I go Paleo. Lol

It would be difficult for me to try. I suffer from chronic Gout and sciatica. I’m only allowed 4oz. of red meat a week. I will push that to 8 a few times a year.

With Gout, there are few meat choices I can enjoy. It’s mostly chicken breasts and cold water fish. I’ve experimented with lamb and haven’t noticed any issues.

Tried to like @Countryboyjvd1971, but I guess I’m out still. I say make it happen!

I always wanted a different method for cube steak. I believe I will try it next week. My spaghetti had venison and Italian sausage in it, so I’m at my quota for the week. :wink:

Not supposed to have pork, but it’s anathema for me to do an Italian red sauce without it…


I made sauce (no pic), braciole and meatballs the other night. Not the greatest pics but I like cooking italian food the most.