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I’m no expert and by that I mean I’m no expert but it seems to me your soil is really really wet. That may be your problem but I could be wrong and that causing the little worms. Just my guess.


it’s coco but is it draining properly? Let’s see a picture of those pots you are using?


copy/ paste and google that term.


I think the general consensus is that they are springtails and normal to be in that medium, helping breaking down the coconut shells.


Interesting!! I was under the impression such critters were microscopic. Learn something everyday on this site; you are all great!!


oops, wrong post again. the smallest one was a used Tiny pot the jiffy pellet fit perfect in. Had previously had toy poinsettia it’s a smart pot (oddly enoughthe two others are just some clay type new. The tip you see has been like that several days w/o change & yes there’s water in the bottom. Had tight plastic cover over all three


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Oops, sorry. Wrong plants. Yes they are in coco but the one w the worms is drying out faster than the other two.

Heir to the Throne


She’s using a Ariel garden so it’s going to be wet @Onlythebest79 it hydro system


Wait a minute. I just realized that I am replying to you in two different threads.

If that last picture the same plants in the other thread?

Cause these look like they are not doing well either.

Please clarify this for me @PHamm


Ok my bad that’s why I say I’m no expert. Me apologies


These are the White Horse that at day 3 were going great then started showing signs of nutrient burn or scorch from light too close. So I emptied the water & used aged tap for a few days & they greened up but started shriveling so I tried adding 1/2 nutrients in distilled water. Again 1st day they looked promising the next worse. They are now in plain aged tap water.

The other 3 are OGK in coco pellets. Germinated well placed in pellets day 3 & they seem to have stalled, one of them was the one that had the white worms in the soil even though they were still tightly covered; I think they ate the root that had formed bc the seed pod was empty. So I took it far away from the rest.

I’m thinking I’m wasting my time. Very disappointing. I really wanted to try but couldn’t afford to get expensive seed & mess it up. Im learning a lot at least.


I would try to salvage the one we talked about in the other post. A small bag of the organic potting soil is only a couple $$. Worth a shot.

But just in case do you have more seeds?

I can’t help with the aero garden. I have no experience with those.


Ok, I’m willing to try what I can. Sounds easy. No, no more seeds right now.

Sadly, this is my only experience w the aerogarden myself. Bought it some time ago to grow salad & some herbs.

Do u think I should keep the lights on or off?

I went to the ilovegrowingmarijuana store online & they were out of everything. Think I’d like to try blueberry. It’s ok, I’m pretty broke right now anyway.


Ok np. If the soil has perlite in it great. If not they usually sell those too. Beware that I have seen perlite that include fertilizer, so stay away from that.

Also do you have a clean spray bottle so you can mist the leaves until they are about a week old or so? Helps them tremendously!


I’m growing blueberry auto right now. It’s good stuff. Indica more of an evening or pain med. I am also growing gorilla glue (bag seed) and gold leaf. Next grow the sativa’s. Chocolope and amnesia Haze autos.

Also retired! Growing is great fun once you get straightened out.

You can do this! We can help!


It is supposed to be a tiny smart pot, that had a poinsettia in it. The jiffy coco pot fit perfectly, it’s the one the worms seemed to eat the root out of the seed.


Thank you for that encouragement. I’m interested in blueberry for mood & fibromyalgia. I also understand it’s good for focus?


I can get a new spray bottle. Most of the ones I have either had sugar water for my bees or thieves Cleaner in them.


Hey Oldstoner,

The method you describe is “solarization”. We sterilize soil by using the
method of putting soil in blakc plastic, or any plastic, and baking it in
the Sun for a month; Turning the bag or soil over 1/2 way through.

Adding DE would kill the pests for usre but, so does plain old
solarization. You just have to bake the soil for 30 days instead of 2.

Good info! :slight_smile:


Thank you @latewood I will extend the time I let it cook longer . I was thinking it was going to be enough because of the days I did it were in the upper 90s and it was on asphalt drive at probably 135 or 140 . I already add Mykos and Azos does this process kill bacteria also so I should add extra ? Thank you in advance for your time bud


If you are going to amend the solarized "sterile medium, it is beyyer to
do it after the process. Solarization creates a sterile medium and I do
not believe any bacteria will live through the process. Your old way may
have been fine. The longer baking period is to make sure nothing is still
alive when you are done.

Good Luck :slight_smile: