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A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks.

“I have a technical question and hope you can help me with it.
Are there seeds available that can grow on 15w led lights (around 1300 lm or so)? Knowing that these lamps can produce the full spectrum of colors, so it’s possible to choose the right wavelength for the grow.
I’ve read that the plants need around 32w leds for a 1 foot grow area (around 0.1 m2), but I dunno the grow area of your indoor compact plant seeds, and also the depth and height would be useful to know.
Also if the seeds available are of a special breed that needs lower power it would be very useful.
If the 15w is not enough for 1 plant, what is the minimum power needed for your indoor seeds?”


I grow with leds and 300watt is the smallest I feel comfortable with growing one plant. And you can pick one up for fairly cheap there are so many different brands out there these days but I bought a Meizhi led and have had great luck @bob31 can tell you the exact square footage per watt I’ve seen people pull off some miracles with CFL’s from start to finish but hopefully he will be able to chime in and help a little more


Hi Hogmaster,
I’ve found 300w panels for a reasonable price, but I was asking specifically about 15w or even 40w for even 1 plant because I found a device which will make taking care of the plant a piece of cake. The whole schedule can be set on it, it connects to the home automation system, can be controlled even when I’m outside or traveling, uses hydroponic system with 3.6 L storage of water, has a camera for monitoring, but designed for regular plants like lattice and tomatoes.
I can try to replace the leds or the whole panel even when I get it but it would be better if I found any breed to pot that can grow at this power, especially that it would be safer since it’s illegal to grow till the flowering where I live, and cheaper since electricity is expensive also here.
There are different types of seeds here, and some of them are for very compact plants. I wanted to know which r the ones that require the least power, and r of the smallest size.
Thanks for ur help, and please let me know if u know about this. :slight_smile:

All of them basically require about 100W+ cannabis need alot of light in order to be happy and healthy! @Ziko

And @Ziko they all can grow to be super big so in my opinion you’ll need to scrog/prune/LST to keep it fair size my firend! @Countryboyjvd1971 maybe able to help somewhere?

I think it’s important to realize that lumens have a limited meaning to plants. We identify lumens by how bright something looks. Incandescent bulbs and halogen bulbs can be damn bright, but don’t grow. At the same time those 300 watt amazon lights that draw about 100 watts from the wall grow pretty well. I’m pretty sure nobody even prints their lumen output because it would be laughable. They provide heavy amounts of light within the range of plant photosynthesis, nothing more to it.

To answer the op’s question, those household led bulbs will grow. But the others were right, don’t expect much. They lack the power to get any light beyond the surface of the plant. Typically causing stretchy plants that have a few airy buds.

However, I bet if you cut the diffuser off them and had several they would do alright. The question being, is it worth it? Assuming you had a bunch laying around, there’s still gonna be some money in buying/building fixtures for them. We’re talking several fixtures. Top, side, and probably some angled between the others.

I’ll follow along if you’re gonna do it.