Fooling around with the Camera, How close am I?

I know this isn’t ready but I was wondering how many weeks out I might be.
I believe I am in week 4, but I’m the new kid and don’t know much.


You still have a ways to go but it looks good from what I can see. :+1:

The original pic is taken with a macro lens. These are phone pics taken today.
The original is a pic of the most developed part of one plant. The rest of the grow is not as far along.

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Looks good my friend. What strain are you growing?

Looks like week 2, maybe 3.

It is White Widow that I got here on ILGM. Fem seeds


I’ve grown ilgm white widow before. Flowering is close to 9 weeks. So you’ve got another 6-7 weeks.

Outside grown white widow nice. I will be trying my luck with a white widow this summer here in nz

Thanks man. I’ve never grown before so this is all new. I had flowers Aug. 9th.
Some others came later, about a week.

My next grow will be easier. I tend to start tripping on things because I don’t know what to expect. Next time I will know what I am watching develop. I’ve learned alot along the way and the plants are not dead so… I have that going for me. :slight_smile: This is fun.


They are looking good. I like the smell too. I’m in California, growing outside. Terrible situation. :rofl:


I’m in Vt. Rub it in… just rub it in.

I used to live in Orange County. I regret leaving just about every day.

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Orange County. Nice… I’m up in the Bay. I love the weather here.


My first mystery seedling was discovered about the 9th August our winter

Seriously? The middle of winter. Bad timing. Lol

Well its actually doing ok some how survived.
Now the start of our spring.
I calculated end last grow best time to start would be 15th September.
So far im 15 days ahead of that with 5 gorrilla glues breaking the surface. Second set leaves developing.
I just today popped in 3 gsc e auto seeds into soil so they on there way too.
Check out my journal blackmoons arising

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Outside grow in Michigan. You are right …this is fun. My second year. Maui, Boueberry, Strawberry Cough and Blackberry Kush And the benefits oh yeah. Ger!

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Don’t get lost in there.

I feel like I’m living in Honey I Shrunk the Kids.