Food dehydrator?

has anyone tried a home kitchen food dehydrator to cure bud? the one that people use to dry fruit

it’s too fast makes bud taste like straw because it doesn’t dry slow enough for it to metablize


Those round plastic trays they come with are good to throw your larger popcorn buds on and throw it in your drying room, they come out pretty good but you can’t use them to dry bud, best use them for beef jerky :cow:

Agreed, and besides, where would you put the beef jerky with all that bud in there?

my belly :stuck_out_tongue:


You mean where would all the venison go? :joy::+1::v:


That too. Never had bambi jerky but it sounds yummy!

I like it the way I make it! Lol it’s decent, you need venison beef stick! It’s like a sausage but much much slimmer, like let’s say it’s 3/8" pipe lol they grind it up and mix in whatever you want cheese and jalapeño, pepper stick, cheese and spice etc. obviously their cooked in a dehumidifier, but they are juicy!

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