Following Advice: A Cautionary Tale!



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A full 25 days ago I spotted a single wilted leaf, little webbing material and a couple of brown spots on a single bud on a plant that was in the 2nd week of flower.
Right away 3-4 regulars advised me to spray my plants with insecticide.
I carefully picked everything off and watched.
After a week, I judged that everything looked just fine, so I didn’t spray.
6 days ago I noticed an awful lot of what looked like worm castings in my biggest bud. When I looked closer, there was a big fat green worm in the bud. Disgusted, I picked it off and started looking at all the others. All in all I picked around 12 worms off of one plant.
Now panicking, I got back on the forum and purchased a pesticide recommended by a regular. I soaked the plant down and the only 2 others that I have.

Moral of the story? If I had listened 25 days ago, this would have been headed off, but now, it was just too late.

This was all caused by the “oak” worm or “tent” worm. They like to bore straight through the centers of your buds and leave holes all over. As they eat, they leave poop and eggs behind. The babies then start eating buds as well. All of that leaves a bunch of dead and mushy plant material as well.


Hate to tell u this but those buds now have bud rot which will spread quickly. If they were my plants I would pull all the effected buds off. Save what u can

Sorry bugs suck!


Oh no! I’m so sorry. That really sucks.


In the next to last picture, you can see what looks like grey mold to me. After all the hard work, waiting and watching, I made a judgement call and harvested the plant early. We are having some impact from the hurricane, and the humidity and moisture were too big a threat with all of those holes in my buds.
After snipping all of the buds and trimming, I literally stood for 2 hours picking out bug shit, bug eggs and dead plant material for 2 hours with a pair of tweezers!
And here’s my poor little harvest:


Did you rinse with peroxide and h20? It’s a good idea after the bugs/mold/poop.

When you hang to dry it’s best to do it away from sunlight. I actually use a large closet with a fan circulating air indirectly.


@drinkslinger no I didn’t! Should I spray or rinse? Like swish them around in the peroxide water?


Straight up dip the entire bud branch in a peroxide / water solution, shake them and drip them off, then put em back hanging.

I used like 2 cups to a few gallons…will try to find exact recipe.
8oz of 3% hydrogen peroxide per 5 gal.

Ah got vid.


AI fill a small plastic tub/tote, like you get at Walmart for $7. It holds 15-20 gal. I use 4-5 tpspn 35% h. Peroxide for my containers.
Submerge branches, swirl around a bit, then remove, shake a bit, and immediately hang to dry.
Some people also rinse in fresh water after the h2o2 bath, or use only distilled water. The importantly part is getting rid of the crap.
This can help.


You made the right call taking her down. Sorry you got hit with worms. An ounce of prevention… you know the rest :wink:


At least you got some out of it. I hate bugs and that’s why I grow inside.