Folks are Dumb where I come from

Hi All
Getting really tired of our Politicians stupidity.
I am regarded as an outcast an undesirable a drug user for using Ganja,how ridiculous.
I do not sell it to anyone ,only use it for myself.Here is our news today.
Police Bust Cannabis crop, 10,000+ plants!
Woohoo ,go and do some real work losers.
Seems to me like if it was legal we may have to cut our numbers in the Police “Force”.
That is what they are called here in Lala land.
The Police Force are against any sort of reform(serving members).
Many retired Police have called for reform but the politics of it all is ridiculously slow.
Canada =Legal
US@A = Incredible Progress
I think if I went to a Dispensary over there I would pass out,so lucky you are not to be regarded as criminals anymore.
Many other countries are following ,
But here in Lala Land the beat goes on…
A few moments later…
I think it will be over 15 years here before anything changes.
I wished I was born twenty years from now and then this would all be over(Illegality) :sob:


Funny part is the USA pressured many foreign countries to enact laws along the lines of theirs in the 60’s.
“The times they are a changing”


Still plenty of dumb in the USA too, while legal in some states, there are still many states where there has been zero or next to zero progress.


Can you imagine all the time wasted in courts,monies paid to Police lawyers and the Jails to enforce these laws for what reason?
Billions & Billions ( I love Carl Sagan) :nerd_face:
All that money could have been put to good use and free up the courts and unclog the jail system.
But it seems people in power who control everything just want to keep locking people up and build more jails especially now that a lot of jails have been privatized and run as money making ventures.
Oh …here I go again. Off I go on another tangent.
They have privatized nursing homes for the elderly here in Lala land where the prime objective is MONEY.
All sorts of bad things have been uncovered here,mice chewing on inmates toes (sorry residents).
Fed all sorts of rubbish and getting physically and sexually abused.
I was my mothers carer until she died and she begged me to look after her,she did not want to go to “nursing home”.
Of course I obliged my Dear Mum.
Stupidity of our “leaders” ,they are all idiots pickled on alcohol.
They can never think straight unless you wave monies at them.
Can you imagine being put in jail like people have been in US&A for years for a gram of Ganja?
That is cruel and inhumane…
Hopefully someday we all may become enlightened…
Yeah…I be trippin :relaxed:


We looked into going to New Zealand and were shocked that euthanasia of people passed their legislation but cannabis did not. Now THAT is a head scratcher for us!

Cannabis and mushroom prohibition is just ONE of the insane things that seem endemic everywhere. Sick of politicians? Oh don’t get me started!