Foliar spray . please advise me

Hello good people,

I used to use a foliar spray by “Dutch Master” called “Liquid Light”. This product claimed that the plant would be able to intake 30% more light. I always had good results with it. Tried to order some today but unfortunately was discontinued or now that I live in Europe the guy on their website told me they only ship inside the USA.

CAn you guys tell me another product that does the same and works well so I can order that instead and give it a try ?

thanx in advance for any reply. sure appreciate it

Grower´s love,

I’m pretty sure you can find it on, just search Dutch Master Liquid Light. Amazon does ship just about anywhere.

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thanx for your reply. I live in western Europe. I searched Spanish amazon and UK Amazon. On they do indeed have it. Im just reluctant because it is shipped from MI, USA and if they do ship it Ill probably end up paying more for the shipping fee than the product itself hence was asking for an alternative.

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