Foliar Spray Discussion


I wanted to start a thread to see how many guys use foliar sprays. And from those guys, I would love to hear about how they do it, and with what nutrients.

When I was at the hydro store the other day the owner was talking to me about foliar spraying his plants and how much they feed through their leaves etc. At checkout he gave me a sample size bottle of GH FloraLicious Plus. I was already asking about his thoughts on it so he decided to hook me up with a sample to give it a try. He said it’s great for foliar spray, and use throughout an entire grow. He also said, it’s one of the first additives he uses after his base nutrients, basically that it had all the extra little things that are needed. I had already heard about the FloraLicious Plus, and other additives like it, so it was great to hear his honest feedback on the product. He’s always up front with me and doesn’t just steer me to a product to buy it, I ask him tons of questions and he gives his personal experience outlooks on the things I ask, I love it.

So when I got home I immediately did some water changes, and added some drops of my new nutrient to my girls feeding regime. I also mixed up a spray bottle of the FloraLicious Plus and water to be used as foliar spray. I then went into my veg tent and sprayed the girls good, on bottoms and tops of leaves. I did this while the light was on, but after doing it I thought that it may not have been the right thing to do since the lights were still on. But, they loved it. No nutrient burn or discoloration on ANY leaves. So now I’ve sprayed all my plants in veg every day with the foliar spray. They seem to perk right up after spraying too, it’s pretty cool.

This got me to thinking, what if I sprayed a foliar feeding for my girls in flower, but I used both FloraLicious Plus, and FloraNectar? FloraNectar is General Hydroponics sweetener, made to add flavor and aroma to your plants. I use the FloraNectar already in the buckets, but I thought maybe this would add EXTRA goodness into the buds?

Anybody have any advice, thoughts, tips? :evergreen_tree::evergreen_tree::v:


No don’t do it in flower once buds start forming cause it will keep them wet or overly moist and cause bud rot if temps was to swing up or down and don’t dry properly , so I say used much caution in flowering , but in transition from vegging to flowering there are charts in nutrient brands that give a time line of when to foliar feed , actually here in the seed shop under nutrients for the New powder nutrient line Robert has in the shop has a foliar feed nutrient mix and a chart download link , you can look at that and kind of get an idea of when the best time line to foliar feed , plus fox farm feeding charts has a time line for foliar feeding , and I’m sure general hydroponics nutrient line has a chart as well of when to foliar feed , but I never seen any of them show a time line for foliar spraying in full bloom phase due to added moisture and overly wetting your buds might can cause bud rot , just my opinion but yes I have been fo,Ian feeding seedlings and early veg plants each grow I’ve done and it does work .


do you spray with the fans on?

that will spread the spray, leaving a coating on the walls and light (glass or bulb) requiring a washing after it dries and accumulates?

I foliar fed my outdoor plants (with MiracleGrow, before ILGM) previous years and saw sun damage on leaves (small burn spots) on the hottest, sunniest days…it does happen.
but I stopped after flowering. Like @yoshi mentioned, moist buds and all.


I use flower kiss and they love it. I use it with the lights on like you are and they love it. Flower Kiss is Cal Mag mostly so I have taken it out of nutrients. I spray once weekly with the fans pointed up.


I was reading up on my penningtons Alaska Kelp and it says it can be used as a foliar spray… I was just trying to find out if it was a root stimulator since I don’t have any super thrive right now…still not sure if it is a root stimulator… looks like it is full of micronutrients…copper, manganese…that kinda stuff… but I was planning to try it as a foliar when I get plants in the veg stage.


foliage feeding does work but veg but in flower no (if you do foliage spray in flower stop at week 4 .( does help in nutrient-lock-out in veg ----- Have good results using it 2 x’s a week when i veg stage - Don’t want to spray bud with “spray”


Yea I figured it wasn’t a good idea to spray the girls in flower, glad I held off!

I’ve been spraying twice a week, with fans turned off! I learned months ago to turn off the fans if misting my girls (I was just using water at the time).

What do you guys use as a foliar spray? I know @careg uses flower kiss, what about you other guys? I’m just curious :evergreen_tree::evergreen_tree::v:


You can foliar spray your nutrients but do it in small amounts and only the bottom to the stomata of the leaves , but plain ph water with B vitamins , additives , nutrients etc .


I’m a beginner and probably have no business saying anything but . Have grown some Colorado cookies and I have never not once sprayed my girl. I just poured my water in the soil here’s one of my girl coming out to bloom.I am taken hands off on this girl half on nutes a Lil trimming of all big fan leafs…


The only thing I have ever used as a foliar spray is tea from the worm bed. I don’t spray in flower. Rain and dew give me enough moisture. I even make sure to shake that off.

I agree that from seedling to the end of veg it is a good idea to spray…


@ktreez420 what strains are you cooking now?


I’ve got a ILGM WW going, a Lemon Kush, Sour OG, and a new bag seed, as well as Blueberry still going.

How about you dude? @Careg


northern lights auto. Gold leaf. Strawberry kush. Amnesia haze. 3 other autos ss well. Battling humidity like crazy without a dehumidifier.


I need to get some Gold Leaf seeds, I’ve always wanted to grow it after seeing others growing it. Make sure you tag me in any grow journal you start on these seeds, you know I want to watch!


I really like the Gold Leaf. It’s very aggressive and bushy. I have her in a 7 gallon pot which I will veg for 2 months atleast. I want 5-10 clones of gold leaf for sure. How do you like the Mars light?


Send me some clones up! I’ll get some GL seeds soon hopefully, they sound like an amazing strain!

And honestly, I’m LOVING the MarsHydro LEDs! I need to get a third one, but the two 300w lights have got me extremely happy so far. Temps stay at 73-77 consistently! It’s awesome! The buds are getting so sugary, I have the lights at 11/13 right now, and after tomorrow night it will be at 10/14 for the rest of flower.


Nothing yet @ktreez420 but I’ve learned a great lesson thinking we were all like friends that share the same interest in growing and cultivating cannabis plants so we help out fellow growers out but that’s not the case obviously with a few , thank you my friend and God Bless !!!


@careg,hi there,am interested in this aswell,did you take all the cal mag out an supplement with he foliar spray.? from what iv’e read they reckon that the foliar spray increases uptake along with normal nutrient mix as the cuticles open more an increases uptake,there is so much conflicting info about it,some say use normal nutrient mix at 100-150ppm another says buy a store bought specific foliar spray,then some say don’t do it under lights an others say it’s totally fine,have seen results on vegie garden so i know it works,just trying to get the right mix aswell ppm wise…what ppm do you mix your foliar spray at an anything else you mix or add with what time do you spray aswell.? am keen to give a try soon.:tks again.slight_smile:


Remember to foliage feed when light are out and just before they come on and spray the underside of leaves - this is done because nutrient -up-take is at it best time (morning)


Extreme Gardening ,com has a excellent cal-mag foliage spray