Foliar feeding with or without seltzer. Thoughts please

I am growing eight Gorilla Glue autos and they are flowering nicely. Each on has its own 1000watt-1200watt LED over it, plus I have a few mounted sideways. I was having trouble with temps and low humidity so I started foliar feeding. It has brought my climate to a proper 86 and RL 50%. Am I risking burning my leaves. If foliar feeding is okay, it was suggested to me to use sparkling or seltzer. Thanks

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Only foliar feed just before lights out. The droplets can act as a magnifier and burn the leaves when lights are on. I only foliar feed if there’s a deficiency that needs immediate attention. Have never used bubbly water so unsure on that.

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Luckily I didn’t burn them. My lights are high because I was starting to see the very beginning of the leaves clawing. I don’t use nutes so I know that isn’t it. Super soil and cloth pots. I liked foliaring around with them, but if it doesn’t help much I guess I should stop. Maybe I will just pet them instead :slight_smile:

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Clawing up? Or down? And yes super soil can be too hot also.

Just the very tips of the top leaves. Closest to the light.

Clawing up? Or down?

I wouldn’t spray my flowering plants…
But during vegg I spray them with seltzer water , it gives them a boost of co2 … :+1::wink:

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Clawing on the very tips, can’t tell up or down. They were just beginning. Hope they stop before I can tell up or down :slight_smile:

Your thermometer might be reading 86 (which is warm), but the top of the plants nearest the lights might be too hot.

Pics always help.


In my state they aren’t pics… it’s called evidence. :slight_smile: I just went and took a good long look and everything is beautiful green. I have a few questions about height and development but that’s another conversation. When I referred to clawing, I meant the very tips of the leaves were brown. Barely. As far as clawing I see what I think you mean as the leaves on that one plant seen to be clawing down, but they are green. What is the difference from claws up or claws down. Thanks, I learn every grow.

Claws down infers too much nitrogen ,(but hard to diagnose remotely)

Taco-ing leaves (curling up/down from the sides like a taco), usually indicate temp or humidity issues.

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This is the kind of tacoing that @Drinkslinger was referring too…
This is happening because it was too cold and to much air movement in my room… :+1::wink:

At the time of this pic , room temp was 66 degrees with a windchill of 61 degrees and humidity was 45% …