Fog-Ponics Cloner


@MAXHeadRoom I didn’t want to clog your grow thread with questions.
I looked into this instead of DWC awhile back. Would this fogponics work for full size plants as well? If so, would it be engineered similar to DWC, but with larger piping for the fog to be pumped with the fan through a closed loop system leading back to the resovoir? Do you have any recommendations for how many discs per plant? Or volume of water per hour/per minute. If I attempt grow this way, I intend to start small at first. Thanks in advance.


I grew 2 plants with a one head fogger in each bucket last grow. I just used 2 five gallon buckets. One I left intact and it held the fogger in the bottom with about 1 gallon of water. The other bucket I cut the bottom off about six inch from the bottom. this allows you to place the bucket with no bottom into the other bucket with the fogger. Then you set a timer to turn the fogger on and off. I yielded 3oz on one plant and 2.5oz on the other. This was an experiment that I just haven’t posted yet.


Thanks @MAXHeadRoom I think that seems like a reasonable result for an experiment. I’m glad I asked what size fogger, because I was looking at the biggest model they had. I might need that if I were going big.
How did the discs hold up against the nutrient solutions? Any major build up?
Was there any form of barrier between the fogging unit and roots?


i seen some big foggers on amazon @Covertgrower but you are going to have to open the wallet wide!!


I changed the water once a week, and at that time I cleaned the head as per instructions. No major build-up. I would use nutes that are designed for hydro.

I tryed to put a screen on the bottom of the cut bucket, but the water would clot in the tiny screen holes and prevent the fog from reaching the roots. The screen was the nylon screen that you buy for your windows. A larger hole screen probably would work. If you keep your roots trimmed up to the bottom of the cut bucket you should be ok with no screen.


@Viktor7 Here is the original Topic. Read through this and then we can build you one out of your fog machine.