Fog-Ponics Cloner


Those roots are monstrous!


And they will never touch dirt there whole life :evergreen_tree:


Looking great, awesome job.


Fog-ponics Update Week 5

I am continued to be amazed at how well this fog-ponic system is working. This roots are growing at a tremendous rate. The tap roots are getting very large and all the roots are milky white. There average length is 18". They are all out growing this system fast.

The top growth is doing well and all are dark green and bushy. The genetics of cloning is puzzling because there are some fan leaves that only have 3 leaves and there are some with only one leaf. So I’m not sure what is happening there. Has anyone seen this before?

So here some pics

This root is 18" long. All the others look like this too.

I’m going to have to build something new to put all these in. I ordered 4 more foggers from the House of Hydro and they came in on Thursday. My plan is to put one plant in a five gallon bucket and one fogger per bucket and see what happens.

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They do look super! Interesting read @MAXHeadRoom


Have you done any cloning? I’m just wondering if you have seen the fan leaves like I mentioned


All the clones I have seen look like the mother. What are the circumstances of these?

What strain? When taken from mother? etc


The strain is ILGM Gold Leaf feminized. They where taken at day 72 from seed in veg stage before going into flower. They where all from the lower part of the plant.


These guys will know the deal @MAXHeadRoom

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@bob31 Thanks I had already tagged Majiktoker. Its really no big deal, I am just trying to learn whats going on. Plant genetics puzzle me because I don’t understand whats going on


I don’t either @MAXHeadRoom but they do!


Nothing to be concerned about… they tend to do that when the plants are old and wanting to flower… they will start to look normal soon… :wink:
I’m interested in your fog ponnics cloner… will look back in this thread… hopefully you gave us some directions lol… :wink:

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@peachfuzz I can help you out if you need it, but its a very easy system to make. Just make sure you get the good foggers from The House of Hydro


Just looked back into your thread… I think I got it figured out… thks my friend… if I have any questions I will hit you up… :wink:

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awesome stuff @MAXHeadRoom


@Sirsmokes this is something like i was talking about. You can use a fog machine, or you can create a sort of sprinkler with pvc and a pump.


@VelcroThumb Yes you could. This system is easy to make and maintain. Worked great for my Gold leaf clones. I have 2 plants that I am vegging and flowering in a fog system also. Will post results when available


@MAXHeadRoom do you use any nutes? If so, do you find that certain brands or formulas work better ( i.e they dont clog the lines of machines?)


I am using Dutch Masters Gold for Flower in my aeroponics systems and the same in the foggers. i also add GH bloom nutes at week 3 of flower. Most liquid nutes are clean enough for the foggers and the aero systems but some are cleaner then others I have heard.

With these types of hydroponics systems you must use nutes from the start because there is no soil for the plants to draw nutes from. With seedlings and clones I start out at 300 PPM and raise it as necessary


@MAXHeadRoom awesome! Thanks for the info!!!