Fog-Ponics Cloner


White on the bottom
Green on top
Grow Grow Grow
Hope it’s never gonna stop


now,if i could just figure out how to grow hair on my head again…lol
maybe one day i can justify building a cloner…


Try fogging it. LOL :crazy_face:


does not work,if that was true we would all look like sasquatches down here…lol not that we don’t already…
i have not tried quantum boards on my scalp though.


I wasn’t following this thread but now that I have a chance at growing some hair I’m in. lol
Maybe something like this could work with the fogger.


Your system is working great, I’m loving the results.


lolol,maybe mmj =hair growth tonic…i smell money here!! skunky money!!


Maybe you could make yourself a MJ chia pet hairdo. LOL :grin:


i’m twiddling my thumbs being cereal here @MAXHeadRoom…lol if it were that easy there would be no money to be made…
all natural hair growing ointment infused with mmj…just has a good ring to it…lol


They look great! Do you have any pics of the guts?


If you look at the start of this thread you can see its just a storage container with 6 gallon jugs full of crap water, for displacement, and 3 bricks with 3 gallons of clean water. The fogger just sits in the middle on a float. It hardly uses any water at all, because all the fog just condenses back into the container.

Do you have a grow journal? Or some pictures of your setup and current grow?


Negative @MAXHeadRoom. I moved not to long ago, and don’t have room at current residence. It’s a temporary thing, waiting on some things to play out on the career front.

I was always way to paranoid to do journals or post pictures so I never really had a reason to take them. But I didn’t have anything fancy either. My largest and most recent set up was two 3x3 tables in its own room in basement. Just soil other than an aero garden I had played around with in a 2x2x4 tent.

Sorry about all the questions… I was thinking about grabbing all the stuff to switch to hydro while I have the downtime. I’m not familiar with what a “fogger” is mainly. Assuming it just replaces the pvc contraption with nozzles that seem to be the norm?


@MAXHeadRoom that looks great. i watched the video last week. seriously thinking of trying that for my upcoming clones.


Hey where have you been! Haven’t heard from you in a while


been away and a little busy. ive been keeping up here though. i didnt update any pics last week as i was away on my “photograph day” (monday). just put up some crappy pictures in my journal from day 42 in flower.


Update on fogger

27 days in the fogger and all the plant are growing great. Lots of new growth and very dark green.
Roots are grow like crazy. Low maintenance too.


Sorry about the bad photos, but you can see what I mean.

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Looking good dude!


yup,that is awesome @MAXHeadRoom !!
when i get time i am goin to try building one of these…
i may confide in you for advise!!


No problem @BIGE They are really easy to make and preforming way better then expected. I may even try to make a 5 gallon fogger for veg stage. This fog stuff is working very well


yes it is!!!
i’m going to try dwc when i get into shed and this would work well for that…