Fog-Ponics Cloner


Hey Everyone,
I thought I would show off my new cloner.
So 2 weeks ago I cloned some branches from my monster Gold Leaf grow with a 92% success rate.
On Friday the roots started to come out the bottom so I had to build something to put them in. I was searching youtube for a bubble cloner and came across this little fogging grow and modified it to what I had around the house.

Mine runs off a one disc fogger that I bought from The House of Hydro for $30

This little thing makes tons of fog. The root growth is great even after 2 days. Currently running it 30 min on 30 min off. Still experimenting on what is best on/off time but this seems to work.

Sorry about crappy pics. Using Obama phone. I’m waiting on the new Trump phone LOL

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@MaxHeadRoom awesome man, your doing great. Great idea with the fogger set up the clones really seem to enjoy it


I am seriously thinking about Vegging with an upgraded system with fog too. More to come. I just love building new stuff as you may have noticed.


@MAXHeadRoom Wow man… you are a DIY stud! Keep up the good work! Looking forward to being a fly on the wall through your journey.


Going to be taking some serious pages/ your whole book when I set up the next one my friend. Keep on teachin’


I love your upbeat attitude. Makes me laugh. And God knows I need more of that.


I need to start practicing making clones. Only have two gold leaf in flower at though so I guess there going to have to be monster cropped clones >:]


Its really easy. I bought some Clone X and put them in Rockwool. 2 week latter and they had roots.

Easy Peasy

You don’t know what you can accomplish until you do it. SO JUST DO IT! :crazy_face:


Not sure if that was directed at me or not, but either way. We love you bro, keep awn keepin awn bruh ")


Awesome job with great success what more can you ask for. Here’s my Gold Leaf clone in soil experiment that I can’t seem to screw up. I wasn’t expecting this at all.


Wow thats huge! Looks like its ready to flower


Tomorrow will be one week in transition.


That’s what she said.


But she was looking at your plant. :rofl:

Are you going to trim that up a bit or just leave it


Of course she was.


I’ve taken quite a bit off the bottom and may do more as it’s getting very thick.


I liked the idea of fog ponics but I was going to go with a venturi mister since ultrasonic emitters die unexpectedly due to hard water they are in essence a humidifier and don’t take to tap water or in our case nutrient solution too well for too long and most of the experiments I seen on YouTube ended with the fogger crapping out. I was scared of losing a monster plant during flower due to a cheap emitter stopping after my check and going un-noticed till next light cycle since they don’t make noise like pumps and I don’t bother my ladies in flower any more than needed :wink:
They do have very good high pressure fog nozzles which I would consider in future grows as their price comes down some


There are cheap foggers out there that don’t last. Of course there made in China. This fogger seems to be well built but only time will tell. You know me ,I like to try new things. I am using filtered city water right now, with the chlorine evaporated of course. The diaphragm is suppose to last for 5000 hours of use when you take care of them and clean them, 3 replacement disc came with the kit so I can switch them out if they stop working. I may try to veg with them but I would get the 3 head model. If I where to flower with this they have a five head model too, so if one fails you got 4 more.

I am currently using the brass mister with the 0.0012" opening, which gives a 5-50 micron mist. this works well but you have to watch out for clogged ones every day. I need to figure out how to clean them. I can get those for less then 50 cents each. I have around 100 of these so I won’t run out this grow.

I want to design a one plant module 2x2 with a combination of fog and misters. But that will be another day



Week One Update on Fogger Clones

So in one week in the fogger, the roots have grow from 1in to 4 to 6 inches. All the plants have put on at least one node and some grew two nodes.
This cloner is really low maintenance and all you have to do is watch the water level in the storage container and make sure the fogger is operating properly.

Root growth

Plant growth

So all theres left to do is watch them grow :grinning:

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@MAXHeadRoom we like those white ribbons!!!lol