FNG with a question

My question is this: How long after topping do I need to wait before sending them into Flowering Stage?

Today is Aug 31 and my plan is to send them to Flowering on Sept 11 or 18. Im on 18/6 right now. This is my first grow, today is Day 31. I bought 10 seeds from ILGM: 5 Banana Kush and 5 Bergmans Gold Leaf (THANK YOU ILGM). All 10 popped but 1 BKush didn’t make it and 1 BKush I gave to my daughter. So I am left with 5 Gold Leaf and 3 BKush. The BKush are the 3 taller plants in the pictures. I am using 1000w LED lights and the plants are RockN and RolliN and absolutely LOVE IT. They are the Chinese LED’s from Amazon but so far no problems at all with them. I bought a 4x8 Viagrow tent which I was originally going to do Hydroponics but I had to move my grow room and tent at the last minute(2 days into germination) so I ended up planting in garden soil and growing in my closet. So now I have a 8 bucket hydro system and grow tent sitting in the corner collecting dust. I am watering the plants every Tuesday and every Saturday and they seem to like that schedule. I give them very light nutes on Tuesday and just water on Saturday. I topped them last night (day 30) and each plant had 6-7 nodes. Topping for the first time was not easy. I have been watching videos and reading up on topping and really built some confidence but when it came down to it my wife and daughter started second guessing me and telling me “you are going to kill your first grow.” But no thanks to them I topped them without their help and they are doing fine so far. Im not the best photographer so go easy. Any help or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.


You should wait at least two weeks before flipping so they have enough tome to recover
But in a few days after topping you should see some nice growth


Thank you for the input.

Unless your plants are auto’s…they would do best in 5 gallon + containers.

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Not related but love the 2nd pic :joy::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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It looks like Mr Trump is admiring your plants with awe!!

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Those are 4 gallon containers but I do have access to 5 gallon buckets so I will transplant ASAP.

If those are Auto’s, they will be fine.

They are larger than I first thought. And make the buckets seem smaller.

They are not Autos but I am watching roots closely to see if they start coming out of the bottom and they haven’t yet.