Flyover states grower,

Where are all of my Sooner State growers out there. I’m looking for fellow growers in my home state and maybe even exchange stories, share experiences, clone exchanges or just get together an smoke a bowl of some good bud…

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Found your topic

Yeah, my brother used to live up near sand Springs, he always had top shelf haha

Sounds like my kinda guy i have grown for a while do to prices of the things i luv dearly

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And i don’t know if there are more on here or not haven’t heard of one an I’ve been here a while

Right? The prices are redicules here, amd.moat of the time it’s not even top shelf. I’ve been having to drive all the way to CO for my bud. It’s worth it because I can get so much for so little haha, but it’s a long and expensive trip. I went back in December and I’m out already. So I gotta wait till these plants ce.through for me

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How long you been growing

I’m on my second grow and my first got fried in her 3rd week of flower when a heater never shut off due to a faulty timer, it was funny because it happened while I was going to CO. It was just some random bag seed, but it was medical, because that’s all I ever bought from my brother and it’s the only seeds I ever got, till I ordered some from ILGM.

There are my babies. One sour diesel feminized and 3 uunknown. I believe one is a male…

Running dwc what do you use in it

This is my first time using, so I’m kinda learning as I go. They just have ph’d water with very light nutrient in them, some generic grow and bloom. It came with a stealth grow box I bought before the tent. I’m waitin on my fox farm trio and my ph kit.

I just moved so i don’t have anything to show right now but I am dumping 1000 into my grow this year going to make a difference on overall out come

Just watch ph an whatever els you do will show quick easy to change an start over though i luv it

Don’t forget to buy some HydroGuard! Trust me, you need it for DWC


Yeah, I’m always looking for growers around me to learn from and maybe ever eventually trade clones, seeds, or hell even just some some bud with good people haha.

I’ll add it to my list

The roots on the unknown now

This was just a few days ago, the 8th

I just got chewed on for a post like that so watch what you say they will warn you

Yeah, I believe I saw that one, up in Kansas? Haha

Yeap touch round here not like Oklahoma

What’s Oklahoma?

Being to open