Flying with weed

I’m medical in a state that is legal for both medical and recreational, flying into a state with legal medical next week for business. However, their dispensaries will not sell to out of state mediical patients.

I’ve read TSA is not interested in weed and the worst that would happen is confiscation.

Anyone have any experience with this? Suggestions? I’m only in for a couple of nights but my sleep is absolute crap without it and I need to be on the ball during the days I’m there.

I really only need a couple grams max I guess.


Edibles are fairly safe as well. From what I’ve read, people just get it confiscated. I’ve never flown, but others may add to this with experiences.
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It depends on the Airport. I have seen Drug sniffing dogs to dogs used to sniff out food. Chicago is famous for this.

Personally if you know where you are staying, send the Care package ahead of time. From my understanding you should be fine. As both States are legal.

It does suck that other States don’t accept a Medical marijuana card. I also say the same thing with CHL and LTC permits. The Federal Government should make it where all 50 States follows a Federal program for MMC and CHL and or LTC. So everyone is on the same page. Examples…my home State the State Patrol is in charge of how a CHL class is like. Texas…the DPS is in charge of how the LTC class goes. Neither State was 20% on the same page.

Now if you was going to a State with no medical and or recreational, you would be screwed if caught. I hope this helps.


Be prepared, I’d say there is a 99% chance they’ll find it. What they do with it or about it is anybody’s guess. They may ignore it, they may take it, they may want to get a feather in their cap and make a big scene about it. I guess it will depend on the TSA officer that finds it.
I brought back about 2g of Maui Wowie from our Hawaiian honeymoon back in 1986, when flying was easy. I also brought back some pineapples, which subjected me to an agricultural inspection that I didn’t know about. There was a German Shepard the size of a grizzly bear at the ag inspection, and I felt like he never took his eyes off of me, licking his chops. I stood there in a pool of sweat the whole time, waiting to be ripped to shreds. I had to be obviously nervous, but I made it. Never tried that again…


Fly to London, England. You think its bad in the USA, well here you go. I fly from Houston to London to Amsterdam. Once you hit Heathrow you go through a major security check. Then you can travel within the Terminal. Then to make it fun…you may get
selected for an in person inspection there.

Then you can also get selected right before you board your plane. It used to be random. Now they target who they think is suspicious. Mind you went through security to leave the US. Then another security after you land. What do they think the plane stopped off in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean so the passengers can go sight seeing. Then more check points.

I literally was singled out due to my massive beard. As they profile people. So not even 10 feet from boarding another check. He searched everything. So I said do I need to take my belt off as its a deadly weapon in my hands. He stopped and let me
board after that. I make them get embarrassed. Like I will say…Ooooooooohhhhh physical contact or why can’t she search me. I don’t want Mr Grabby hands touching me. It gets worse.

I have flown many times to Amsterdam. My luggage and clothes was coated in marijuana smell. I never had an issue coming back to Chicago and Houston.

You can always attempt it by placing it in your checked luggage. Get a multivitamin gummies and place your dosage in there. Place in check luggage.

Personally I think you will be fine. Now if the Airport
Says no to marijuana, then send it ahead of time. I have had no issues with the Post Office seizing weed stuff.


If you can, I would try something like vape cartridges in checked bag. Remove and identifiable packaging and place in something like mylar zip pack. Then wipe completely down with alcohol and throw in another mylar zip pack with nicotine vape components. Wipe that one down with alcohol too and place in ziplock bag with toiletries, and check it.

May be more than you need to do, but I have traveled like this to and from some of the most difficult airports.


Vape carts or edibles are the way to go IMO. Not that I’d encourage it, but I’ve had cartridges in my “liquids” bag (the one you need to take out and put through the conveyor) and never a raised eyebrow.

My opinion is the more you try to hide it the worse off you probably are.

On the flip side of that statement, I’ve mixed gummies into a bag of gummy worms or similar with no issues in the past.

TSA is (should be anyway) focused on safety, not a very small amount of cannabis that isn’t near a distribution threshold.

As with anything, YMMV……