Flushing with trichome changes

From a fellow grower: if you’re supposed to flush the last two weeks, before harvest. How do you time it with the trichome changes ? I mean, how many days in between, from clear,to cloudy, to 30% amber, 70% amber,etc. How do you know when to flush and match your trichome?

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Typically you’ll get about 20-30%amber in those 2 weeks so Id time my flush to either my leaves starting to yellow hard and dying off, to the pistils hit about the 70 % darkened, or you see the 1st amber if I was going for low amber or id factor in the percentage above

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If I didn’t really use any chemicals just some nutes for a few weeks start of bloom do I even need to bother with flushing? I did treat them with Trifecta during bloom because I had a serious mite infestation.

I believe you want to flush with just RO water if you can. You’re flushing out all the nutrients and everything to give it a smoother smoke.