Flushing with bush doctor sledge hammer

Should I ph my water when flushing with sledge hammer

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I don’t to be honest, I have checked pH before an was like 6.2 in an 6.8 out, but really a flush isn’t for plant up take it’s more to flush the built up salts on an around the root system but wait for some more to tune it @Covertgrower @Holmes an get some more opinions


I always adjust the pH of the water although during a true flush and late in flower I don’t think it matters much because as @Unknown says, it is more about rinsing the medium rather than getting nutrients to the plant.


I am with the consensus, You can even run it up high to get it out of nutrient uptake range and or as some do to get those “Fall colors” going I personally do not use a flushing agent or PH the water(my tap is right @7)!


That’s something I didn’t know @Holmes appreciate that


I think you should pH the water because if you read the feeding schedule, at the top in the narrative, it suggests using Sledgehammer with Boomerang in soil or coco, or big bloom in hydro.

I use to flush the Sledgehammer out with pH water without nutrients and about 25% of the plants would have the leaves canoe. Since adding Boomerang I’ve not had a problem.