Flushing the plants for just giving water last two weeks

Can i use pH down fertilizer when Flushing The plants?does it effect The buds smell and taste,im growing organic and give them just water for last two weeks…is it ok still to use pH down?

If you’re flushing for final harvest, there’s no reason to really pH, unless your pH is so out of whack that it’s killing your plants. The final flush is to remove excess salts & nutes from the soil so the plant is no longer taking them up through the roots; this makes the plant deplete the nute reserves locked inside its stems/leaves/etc, making your plant taste & burn much better.

Organic doesn’t have the salts that chemical nutes have, but pre-harvest flushing is still a good bet…sans pH adjuster. Depending on your pH up, you could actually be adding more phosphorus/other usable nutrition to the plant.


I personally
Stop feeding and only ph water for two to three weeks before projected harvest date
I never do a final flush
and i know @Hogmaster does the same
If you have two plants flush one mot the other see if you can see a difference
I used to flush but I don’t anymore


At last run i gived them last two weeks just water, organic nutrients and growing in soil…and last run The nutrients didn’t taste at all…but now i have to give general hydroponics ph down because The pH is about 9…and im now lowered it with pH down