Flushing Techniques

As I’m trying to just perfect my grow style over time I wanted to know how you guys that flush your plants actually do it?

I grow in coco and soil and usually what I do is flush with 3x pot size then do plain pHd water until I decide to chop. But I’m also wondering, should I be focusing on ppms as well or no? I typically will have some fade in the leaves but lately I’m starting to wonder if ppms are a factor to smoke quality and if I should consider chopping after I can get my ppms say, under 100? Any insight is appreciated.

It’s hard to get down to 100 PPM. When I do a one-and-done flush on my plants I flush with 2 gallons of a flushing agent like Sledgehammer and then run about 6 or 8 gallons of plain RO through to eliminate the flushing agent and to run down PPM. The lowest PPM that I’ve been able to get doing this is 200-250 PPM.

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Yeah see one of my girls is sitting at about 160 ppm but the bigger gal is in the range you’re mentioning after a 3x RO flush. A good bit of the leaves are yellow but there’s still some green so I’m on the fence about chopping them vs trying to see if I can get the ppm lower over the next week by watering to runoff as usual with just RO. I guess the other thing I could do is dry trim? In the end I’m really just trying to work on the quality of my buds from flush to finish and looking for ways to dial in great taste etc.

I would definitely try all the techniques so you can see for yourself. I have not noticed a difference between wet and dry trim. I also have not noticed a difference between giving a plant a long darkness period before harvest and harvesting during lights on. The only real difference I have noticed has come from a flushed and non flushed plant.


I prefer to wet trim vs dry for ease and appeal but figured with dry trimming you could hang longer and give chlorophyll more time to break down but maybe not? What’s your flush style like @BobbyDigital, one and done? Do you flush over the course of weeks?

I flush a week before harvest. Full flush one and done. This last time I used 2 gallons with sledgehammer and let it dry and just watered until harvest. Worked really well and didn’t have to stand there for hours pouring water in.