Flushing system

i am getting conflicting answers, do you require flushing the system 1/2 weeks prior to harvest to, what i believe to remove additive chemical nutes from the plant and neutalise any harsh chemi’s that wouldnt b present in natural outdoors crop. flush, not flush just want smooth summer sailing, any comments

I would highly suggest flushing your plants before harvest. The reason for this is to remove the remaining Nutrients. This helps the final product be a better tasting, burning and smoother overall.

What is your res ppm? you can dilute partly drain res and top it off with fresh water to get your ppm down to 4-500 which would accomplish same goal and allow for continued feed. Depending on nutrients used and strength you don’t always need a complete flush organic nutes are less harsh and tend not to build up as heavy in your plants making the 4-500 target ok. Chemical 3 parts usually are run very strong during grow but even then in hydro a 3-4 day flush will do the trick. Just check ppm everyday it will continue to drop

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last week of full nutes 1750ppm but over week as i topped up it was just pure water, so now for last 4/5 days i’ll just use straight water( we have been sweltering in 40+deg Celsuis in a grow tent bloody has to be right at harvest, not only the growing stress, but the smell is uncontrollable). Also being an outdoor grower previously I always clipped the main buds away & continued to grow less mature buds often getting bigger yields from secondary pick does this principle apply with hydro setups(i know fundimentally does but will prove as efficient strain sour desial)

I don’t see why it wouldn’t

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