Flushing...silly question

In going through the forum the past few days I’ve been reading a lot about people having to flush their plants for various reasons. I am curious, logistically, how you flush gallons of water through a plant…typically 5 gallon fabric pots.

Do most people take them to a bathtub or something and flush there? This probably sounds like a silly question but I am just wondering how I will handle it if/when the time comes. I can’t imagine doing it in the tent as water would be everywhere. Like I said a silly question but I am wondering…



I’ve literally been wondering the same thing! Haha

I’m guessing maybe just take it to the backyard??

Good question @AnneBonny. I haven’t had to do it yet, knock on wood but I have a large utility sink downstairs in the basement, about 4 x 3, and figured I would do it there if I have to do it eventually!.

@Ray4x @AnneBonny… What is do is bring my plant from tent into my bathroom and then run a gallon at a time through, when needed. Usually why others do when plants re scrogged and they can’t remove from tent is use a wet vacuum to suck water from plant tray… Hopefully there is no need to run gallons of water to correct an issue


I think that’s why a lot of people go hydro indoors – just easier to deal with issues like that!

But flushing seems like a bit of a controversial topic. As Shakespeare said . . .“To flush or not to flush; that is the question!” :smile:


I’m all scrog’d I’m and I left no provisions to flush, noob mistake! Today I’m going to PH my soil and ppm it, something I haven’t done since it went into flower 4 weeks ago.

Im dreading the results, as if it needs a flush I’ve got a headache on my hands.

Normally if in a tent you should set you pot/bag on a small raised slatted shelf, then but some tyne of collection tray underneath, I going to use an under bed storage box.

My second grow is set up like that, (or will be, it’s ready to go when needed). As I don’t have a water source I in my grow room, I’ll just use my 6litre pressurised water bottle add the water, them when the bottle is empty syphon the flushed water back into the water tong bottle, then dump it, and keep repeating that untill done.

Not the best approach, I could use the vax to get rid of the used water, but having dogs, we got rid of all the carpet years ago, so the water attachments for the vax could be anywhere. Now.

Thinking about it, we bought the vax over ten years go because you can easily buy parts for them (sick of buying cheaper, and sometimes dearer, vacuums and them dying) , so I could always buy any bits that have wandered off. It would save some time. Depending how long my origanal method takes, I’m sure that will make me decide on bringing the vax out of “wet” retirement.

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Do you have a tray or something beneath your pot? You can water like the others a gallon at a time, then collect water runoff from tray with a shopvac.

I wouldn’t sweat it if you’re talking about “flushing” at the end of your run. Like @arpeggio says, there’s a lack of hard data to support it changes much. Some people swear by it, others think it’s nonsense. Either way, this simply refers to watering your plants without nutrients. Some people will add a flushing agent, or use several different methods. But it’s not really any different than watering. If you’re talking about flushing your soil to correct a ph or nutrient issue, then by all means. Remove plant, use shopvac, or whatever method you feel works.

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Old topic but it to pretty much tell the plant it time to die and accelerate that process so it start taking nutrients out of it leaf and protect it flower while at the same time removing any excess nutrients out of the soil so it not going to absorb anymore.

You can do a side by side comparison if you have two plants and flush one for 5-8 days and don’t flush… People that actually does this are actually testing it and everyone I’ve seen that actually did actual comparison and study for themselves all agree you have to flush for at least 5-7 days for a less harsh smoke that burns more cleanly organic or hydro in all soil mediums but hey don’t take my word for it :roll_eyes:

I reuse my medium so it helps me clean it up a bit more too so duel purpose. Depends on how you like it too… Some people love that harsh smoke or the complete opposite of what you like too… That the thing with getting stuff from other people they all have different taste in what they consider smooth or tasty hahaha.

I don’t agree on two week flushing because that pretty much the end of it life and you can get your plant rotting… I wouldn’t chance it losing it but you can tell when it ready generally safe between 7-10 days but you flush too long it might collapse and die on you. Which is the last thing you want!

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