Flushing Should I flush before harvest

Any suggestions out their heard flushing doesn’t make much of a difference…

Some say yes some say no. I did can’t hurt.

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I don’t flush per say. I stop feeding my plants about a month before harvest. Usually the plant starts consuming itself towards the end. If it doesn’t, I don’t sweat it.

Flushing is supposed to make your smoke smoother by removing all the nutrients from the soil in the final days of a grow. If you’ve spent the last two or three months pushing the nutes to the plant, I can see how this makes sense and I would follow the recommendations from those who do. I don’t. I do just the opposite.

I mix my own soil. I feed dry amendments with the occasional tea. I feed at half strength. I water every other day or so and soak the plants every week or so. I manipulate my plant through HST, LST, topping, cropping and general abuse up until the plant is about 3 weeks into flower. Then it’s just feed and water until harvest. I do my best not to stress the plant past that point. And I absolutely refuse to put stress on myself (or anyone else) with any of this.

To be clear, I am not antiflush. Put it this way, say someone tells you how they flush their plant. Are you growing the same way? With the hundreds of different variables, I’m gonna hazard a guess and say no. And what if he says, “I do X.” Is he doing X because he’s growing in Y or he’s using product Z and you don’t?

Try this instead. In the last month of your grow cut the feed to half strength. In the final weeks, don’t feed at all. Water as usual.

Happy growing…


If your nutrient schedule calls for it, I would. I water only last two weeks in my soil grows. I intend to in my coco too. Starving the plant of magnesium at the end also increases chlorophyll degredation (you want this). Since magnesium is the primary fuel for photosynthesis/chlorophyll. This is probably why people say it’s smoother. You’re technically giving yourself a jump start on the drying/curing process. Since you’re literally intitating the end. Erm. That’s not termed correctly. Chlorophyll continues to degrade regardless. The flush slows down the plants ability to create new chlorophyll.


This is inaccurate. Flushing makes your smoke smoother by removing nutrients from leaves and buds. You flush the soil so that the plant can’t get nutes from it and instead must consume those it already has on board. If you don’t do this those nutrient remnants will remain even after the chlorophyll has broke down during the cure. Resulting in a harsher smoke and black ash at the end of the bowel.

What’s the difference? Honestly, what are you doing when you flush? If you aren’t trying to remove all the nutrients, then what?

Sounds like moisture.

I pay more attention to the drying and curing.

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I’m not here to argue with you. I also didn’t say you were wrong I corrected what you said. It was missing what I felt was key information. Accuracy is important yes? The point of the final flush has less to do with the soil and more to do with the plant. You force it to eat itself, thats what I was getting at. I also explained why that is a good thing. Guess we should just agree to disagree? Even though I agree with you…

There was that study by a nute company (RX Green technologies I think) where they showed literally no significant difference in yield, THC, and terpens between flushing for a couple weeks and not flushing at all. They go on to say their undisclosed “expert” panel liked the taste of the un-flushed buds a little better than the flushed.

I think they kinda proved the opposite point, if there is no difference in the measureable things (yeild, thc, terps) than why not save a couple weeks worth of nutes and go water only for last week or 2, which is what I do.


I ran a plant with only using nutrients one time. I didn’t see the difference when compared to using nutrients. For me…it tastes the same.

I only flush according to the Fox Farm
schedule. Sometimes I stop feeding nutrients a couple days before I harvest.

Many have smoked my weed and they say its the best they have ever smoked. This came from a guy who will smoke 24/7. I think he goes through 4oz a week.

4oz a week? Does he have friends? Lol. I thought back when I was grasshopper (13) that I was smoking a significant amount. I don’t think it was 4oz tho. me and 3 others would smoke all the profits from what we could sell (qp-hp a day, 1-2oz profit. And of course with additional people and parties n shit. So on the best week we would’ve burned 14oz. But even at 4 people that’s only 3.5oz a week. Lol

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I just harvested one cola early without flushing and I couldn’t taste anything out of the ordinary. This concept of flushing really doesn’t make sense to me, I fertilize my tomatoes
and I can’t taste any of that. With this said, I think I might flush just to be on the safe side.
This is my first grow.

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Oh he is seriously connected. He gets stuff from all over the US. I picked some from him. Its from Cali and Oklahoma. Pretty decent stuff.

Hell he smokes on the job. :joy::joy::joy:

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Lol. So did I in college when I worked at a subway. I recall one morning well, I had a guy I was training to open the store. He had no car so I was gonna pick him up so he didn’t have to walk. When he got in my car I sparked the joint and said. “This is the first step.”


He also smokes while driving. He is a cool dude. I have Zookies, White Cookies, Blue Cookies and 707 Animal Cookies. I smoke them all in the same bowl called a Salad Bowl. I learned about that with all my trips to Amsterdam.

They are potent smelling.

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Hmm. I see what you did there. Touche. I had to drive like one mile in my home town. The Sargent was my childhood tae kwon do instructor. I literally got pulled over once in home town while my license was suspended and drove away. He said “I’m not telling you you can drive away. But, I’m gonna get in my car and go that way…” Although I don’t feel cannabis had effected my ability to drive. First DUI was alcohol, second first DUI was alcohol, they charged me with a second on my third because it was Xanax… luls


I wouldn’t put it in the bath tub to flush it but giving just pHed H2O the last cpl weeks is fairly standard practice.

Not me…I won’t get in a vehicle if a person is under the influence. I won’t drive either. Now I do know this. If you say smoke enough marijuana, you will become where you can function with no issues.

I generally stay at the St Christopher’s Inn on the Winston in the Red Light District. Fun place.

I may try this in the Fall grow. Grow 2 plants of the same strains. Test one by flushing and one not from flushing. So far I haven’t seen a difference. Maybe we should have us all do this. Get an informed decision by all. :+1::+1::+1:


I agree. Mostly because of the wisdom that comes from age. It was so cool when on that third one I totalled a vehicle still worth $7k that was mid transition between my wife and girlfriend. Was uninsured. On top of which during that downward spiral I caught another charge and by time all was said and done. I won’t tell you how much I lost total. But, when I walked out of jail I had a shirt, pants, belt, wallet with i.d. only. Oh and some click clacks (plastic jail shoes, was arrested barefooted). Been rebuilding ever since. Did get my wife back, kind of. Long distance because of her job and my business. So yeah. Driving under the influence. So flippin cool. 10/10 would do again.


Joint smoking is how I trained people back in the day too. Taco Johns for me.