Flushing questions

New grower here looking for advice for flushing. I’m at the end of my cycle and will start flushing tomorrow. I’m confused as to how to flush the plants and the frequency.

I was thinking i would first run water through the pots until I get a low ppm from runoff then do a feeding with the final finish from adv nutes. I just need to know if I do this every day for the flush period or just like normal feed when plants are thirsty? Also do I run a ton of water each feeding through the plants or just the first time when bringing down the ppm runoff??

How does advanced nutrients recommend the final phase is used?

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I have found that 2 weeks of just pH’d water at the end will produce a good flush and makes the smoke much milder.

@dbrn32 is right i would probably follow AN recommendations ad far as flushing with that product. I personally flush 7gal (3gal pots) every 3 days for 9 days then 5 days to dry out. Everyone is a little different with their own personal feelings toward growing practices. But @TxGrowman is also right, typically a 2 wk flush is a normal and sufficient but adding an element (flawless finish) may change that??


I am trying to keep chemicals out of my grow as much as possible is the reason I do not use any flush agents at the end of flowering.

My last two grows since using my flush system taste much better than before I used it. :us: :man_farmer:


I hear that @TxGrowman!!! I grow all organic and have been making my own light mix for 3 grows now. Spaghnum moss, worm castings and coarse perilite and some re-used actual name brand light mix.

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Follow the recommended flush from whatever nutes you’re using. With fox farm I did florakleen 2 weeks before, then just pH’d water up until harvest. No new nutes.

You can use just pH’d water to flush, but it’s going to take a lot. 3x-5x the pot size by volume, i.e. 15-25 gallons for a 3 gallon container.

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If you dont overfeed, you shouldnt have to flush. Just taper down nutrients toward the end and water straight water the last couple waterings and you should be fine.
A lot of nutrient companies have you overfeeding your plants, which causes buildup.


Says to add with water. 2ml per liter. Doesn’t give flush directions.

I would use it as directed then.

FYI- florakleen is 5% citric acid. White vinegar is 4% citric acid and costs 1$ gallon. You are literally flushing with vinegar.