Flushing plants to prevent

Will rain be enough to flush my plants in ground if I give to much nutr. Due for three days showers and high humidity 90 degrees or so in day. I’m concern cause I gave feeding on Friday and today put salt out to repel slugs

Table salt is almost entirely made up of sodium chloride with maybe some added iodide salts in the form of potassium iodide and/or sodium iodide. This is not really good at all for most plants and not really the same as nutrient salts we are talking about in a nutrient salt build up in the soil, except in the chemistry definition sense of a base(alkali) and an acid neutralizing each other, creating an ionic compound known as a salt, which in large enough quantities will often have the semi clear crystalline look of table salt or sea salt, and sea salt often has naturally occurring potassium iodide and/or sodium iodide.

The salt you put out to repel the slugs might wash away from the plants roots and be totally washed away, it all depends on how much you used, where it was placed and how close it was placed to your plant’s roots.

Thank you. I did not put a lot of salt out only a small ring around edges of site. I’m just trying to not not panic you know. The feedback helped to clarify salt and nutr differences. The nutr mix I’m using once a week is fish and seaweed liquid from Neptunes harvest. I will have an update soon. This support helps!!