Flushing organic medium

I use all organic medium coco peat mix , sunshine #4 to be exact , I presoak with cal mag and liquid karma micro nutrients plus I add blood meal fishbone meal and dolimite prior to soaking, I use noting but water for feed occasionally I’ll give them micro nutrients, during flower it’s water and banana tea everything I use is 100% organic , I use no liquid nutrients other than the micro nutrients and cal mag if needed witch is very rare

Is it necessary to flush before harvest since I’m all organic
I want to start using a scrog and I don’t think it would be wise to move a plant that’s been netted to flush it out , any suggestions

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If you are using all organic, no need to flush
And if you use a little help with liquids, just use water only the last the last 2 weeks,


Awesome , thank you very much

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I also do organic. You dont ‘need’ to flush but I still do. Your soil will have plenty of life left in it to finish up. Better safe than sorry. When I smoke a bowl I like to see that white ash, not that black un-burnable stuff :wink:
Happy growing…

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I to like that white ash , it tells me it’s clean, thanks for the feed back

Last I knew liquid karma wasn’t listed, most calmag supplements are synthetic, and your micros probably synthetic too.

That doesn’t mean you will need to flush your pots though.


You are right about that, thanks for bringing it to my attention, I have been reading True Living Organics and going to start making other kinds of teas


No problem!

I quit flushing my synthetic fed plants anyway. If you haven’t been overfeeding and running your tds way up usually not any problems.

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Lol, I had an argument with a old friend , his water is yellow high iron he even flushes with it , I’m sorry but you can taste that shit and I won’t smoke his anymore especially since he’s now such a cheap ass he’s growing in sand, I told him good luck
Cheers happy growing

That’s weird, because organic iron isn’t even really available to plants without help of chelating agent. Pretty good chance the iron in his water doesn’t have much to do with the quality of his weed.

Yes I have read that some where and it kind of puzzled me , when you smoke his weed you get this metallic like aftertaste on the tip of your tongue, he’s always got nute burns yellow burned leaves, maybe it’s the fox farm soil he uses indoors , he’s now in sand , and I can’t imagine anything being of any quality in sand unless you’re pumping nutes into it