Flushing organic a week before harvest

So ive read a lot of threads on this, but would like better opinions for my case.

lets keep it simple:

I plan to harvest a week from now
ive use organic soil from the start and only added omri cow compost

should i flush?

Cow compost can be hot but here’s a way to tell break off a fan leaf and taste the fluid if it’s bitter then it’s full of nutrients and needs flushed if no taste like water then it’s good


what if tastes like juices from Aphrodite’s teats?

Then she’s ready to go… alot of growers I have noticed are going away from the flush and only giving ph water the last 2 weeks. I run a cycle of flawless finish 5 days prior to harvest and that’s all they get in terms of flush after the flawless finish I don’t water any more either letting her be good and dry.

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ive been solely watering with ph controlled water the entire time so thats why theyre good probably…

thanks for your help sirsmokes


Any time bro

Another peice of info is cut them right before or at lights on. After your lights have been on for a hr the girls wake up and start eating so you try to get her before she’s ate that day just incase there’s more nutrients in your soil.
When was the last time you gave cow manure and how much runoff do you get when you water


any experience with stem splitting?

another thing people talk about

Yea split one last night

recommended a week before harvest?

any tips when doing so?

You can use a sharp knife put zip ties 3 in apart at bottom of stem and shove it though then place something in the slit to keep it open. People use drills to for ease.
Yes week prior I prefer 5 days as I don’t see any affect until day 4 and not much after 5


ill post pics…


Yes we love pics

why do people only split one stalk?

if it helps shouldnt i do it to all of them?

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But if it kills it it’s only 1 plant…first time doing it so will see if it makes any or enough difference…thats why I only did one

so its going to be a rainy week here and i anticipate to harvest within the week. Is it going to be worthwhile splitting a stem or am i going to make my plant susceptible to mold/fungus?


They really frost up nice after day 4

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