Flushing nutes? please help

Hi, this is my first grow ive spent roughly 600$ on stuff nutes soil lights ect: im wondering if and when i should flush my fox farms nutes if i even have to and i have a couple others that in the the mix bio root and ph liquids

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If you’re following the FF schedule they tell you when to flush and I’d definitely do it!
FF is pretty aggressive and will lead to toxicity and/or lock out.
Definitely do the flushes per the schedule.


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As @Tylersays FF is notorious for salt build up and needs to be flushed per the schedule or if the plants show distress.



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I use FoxFarm grow mediums and have had great success with them. I use the Happy Frog soil for vegging and then use added nutrients during the flowering period. I use the nutes once every three waterings. I found that way the plants got what they needed and no burns or lockouts. I would water every day during the last six weeks of flower. I also added shooting powder during the last three weeks and would do a water-only schedule the last week.
Are you talking about a finishing flush or just “as you go along” flushes?

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Right now their in 6 gallon containers i used 2 generic potting soils and some mushroom compost because the nutrients in them looked good this is the first week and ive been using fox farm bigbloom and bushdoctor wholly mackerel, and 2 or 3 days go i got some bio root by general organics and another root booster called mycorrhizae by plant success im worried it might be to much but the plants are already 4 inches tall and took good, whats shooting powder? i dont have the sledge hammer flush that the schedule calls for would just purified good ph water work and im talking about both going along and finishing flushes

Sorry to jump in but, do you do full strength nutrients when you feed like that?

yes i did what the schedules said and the bio root said for a light feeding use 1 TSP and 2 for a heavy so i did 1.5 and the mycorrhizae said 1 TSP so i did just under that

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Mycorrhizae is like a root’s back up singer: it’s a fungus that helps build really strong roots and helps them take up nutrients. This is present in some soils and potting mediums but a little bit in helps. The roots from the plants I just harvested were over three feet long and very healthy, so I do use it.

As far as nutes, I was told by the vendor to go about 50% of recommended dose for feedings because I was already using a grow medium with nutes in it. So that’s what I did. Had a decent harvest, enough for my needs, and the results are very agreeable :+1:t2:

The shooting powder is high in potassium and phosphorus to help the buds get bigger at the end of their grow season.

Nope, about 50%. I originally started with some GH nutes from a friend but switched to FF

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so when should i stop nutes the schedule says i can use some all the way till harvest but im worried they will give it a bad taste?

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Ah, now this is definitely a question that you will find folks have strong opinions about.

I do a small flush. Not as long as some and longer than others. I use the last week before harvest to clean the plant and give a small amount of water so I dont have to worry about drying it out after harvesting with a bunch of hydration in it. The longer it takes to dry after harvest the greater the chance for mold to grow, so I help it along by only water in the last week, and not much at that. The downside is a lot of yellowing in the leaves. I did a test on one of my plants and they had almost three weeks of low nutes and the leaves were very yellow and I did not collect much kief from the trimmed sugar leaves at harvest, so I will keep up nutes until the very last week from here on out.

Some folks don’t do a flush at all. And there is research evidence published that supports not needing one.

If you have a few plants, you can always try and see what your results are. Select one to try all the way through and one to hold off. See if you have a noticeable difference and then make note of it.

The great thing is you can choose your own thing to try. But I may suggest changing only one variable (like no nutes vs nutes) so you can see what one change does and not wonder if it was a series or trifecta of chances that got you a different result. It’s the research professional in me :grin:

Good luck!! It’s a fun hobby!

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ok and yes i have 2 i think ill try all the way with one and stop a week or 2 with the other, and one more question the mycorrhizae is it a use in the seedling stage or through out the whole grow kind of thing?

I put a sprinkle of it in when I transplant up to a bigger pot. So during my last grow, I put it in twice: once from the yogurt cup to the quart clay pot and once from the clay pot to the 3 gallon finishing pot.

see i put then straight into the 6 gallon to try and skip the transplanting process is transplanting needed?

Not always. I do a transplanting to bigger pots kind of process as the plants grow because it helps me control watering and feeding. Some folks put the sprouts into their final pots, especially if they are autoflowers, to help prevent the plant from being stressed. It is a personal preference.

But you can still use mycorrhizae even if the plant is in its final pot, I think just putting it down a couple inches from the top would be just fine to do as well, and water it in.