Flushing northern lights blue auto

A customer has a question or concerns and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

can i start a flush on this? ​it is northern lights blue auto attachment 2


Well flushing is just rinsing away all the nutes in your soil or what ever growth medium your using mostly done in final 2 weeks of flowering so if your in that time frame then yes flush with water only .If you break off shade leaf and taste the sap if it tastes bitter keep flushing .Nice grow congrats.

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i cant use a scope because my shaky hand thing so they always shake so it is hard to use a magnifier so i have to use the pistil way to tell when she is done but do i wait till it is 70% red on the whole plant or on a bud or can i cut off a lafe and put on a table and look at it like that

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I got the same shaky hand issue and bought a cheap tripod to steady my pocket microscope
Red/brown hairs and dry dying leaves are a food indication that it is ready but if you really want your meds exactly how “you” like them , heady , body , sleepy time etc. then you really want to try and look at trichombs @loudog

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@Rexx, This is my first time of hearing about tasting the sap. Thanks for that suggestion.