Flushing my pink grapefruit auto

Hey Growmies…im currently flushing my pink grapefruit auto and noticed since I started I’m getting very purple leafs on my top cola…amd starting on the other colas…ill be chopping her in 5 days but just asking is this normal…its not happened to me before so just asking…it looks beautiful but the leaf is proper purple…thanks all!!


Looks au natural to me! Gorgeous colors she’s throwing.

Are your temps dropping into the 60s at night? Temp swings can make colors pop but again. Beautiful bud footage brother!


Thanks bro…appreciate the reply!! :sunglasses::+1: Yeah I thought it could be night time temps but its not doing it to my pineapplegum that’s the same age, right next to her (though she’s sativa so taking ages to ripen up)…though they are different strains so could be that too!! She’s smelling like pure sweet grapefruit…cant wait to smoke her!! :maple_leaf::dash::sunglasses::+1:


It seems to trigger in late flower so like you said, maybe the sativa in her is holdong it up. But eith a name like Pink Grapefruit, im pretty sure u just found a great pheno!

That bud is thicc. What lights n nutes you running?


I’m using biobizz soil with the biobizz nutes (grow, top max and bloom) and under a viperspectra p2000!!! Thanks again Growmie…will post my final yeild once chopped and dryed! :sunglasses::+1:


Also…just another quick question…should I deleaf her for her 48hr dark period??? I know some don’t do this but what goods the leaf with no light??? Thanks again!! :sunglasses::maple_leaf::dash::+1:

You will often see foliage take on interesting colors due to plant maturity or environmental conditions. It’s normal.

I don’t know what benefit it would offer. I would just trim normally after chopping. Seems like doing it now would just be extra work for no benefit.

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Thanks mate…will just chop as normal after her dark period!! Cheers Growmie!! :sunglasses::+1: