Flushing my first scrog

@kabongster I have no idea what your last message means ?

I re-read this entire thread and this is where I become confused…

… and I’m asking if this is the correct flushing process to begin two weeks prior to harvest ?

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lol quite the heated topic for a very simple process? A proper flush can and should be done several times throughout any soil grow where nutrients are used, it is not simply for problem solving it is used to prevent nutrients building up in soil in the form of salts creating love outs and helping to keep your plant only on the diet you give it. At the end of your flowering it is used to rid the plant of excess nitrogen to improve flavour and burn of your buds.
A flush can be described as rinsing your soil of impurities which build up over time since plant doesn’t use everything we give it the goal is to make your plant consume what it has stored this can be accomplished several ways if you aren’t feeding your plants heavily and your ppm is lower you can simply give your plant straight water for final 2 weeks of flower. If you are running a nutrient line or want to ensure plant has used everything you rinse soil 2 weeks prior to harvest with 3-4 times it’s containers volume with straight ph’d water and water without nutrients for remainder of grow.

I find best way to rinse is slowly first watering plant giving soil a chance to become fully saturated and and minerals time to dissolve not simply pouring water through soil over and over until done but taking your time letting water slowly trickle through soil. I give plant enough water to saturate soil then go about my chores for 15 min or longer, then I drain pan and check ppm being sure to rinse out pan so my next reading isn’t foulled by anything in pan, then I run first volume of water through soil draining pan as needed measuring again after first volume of water has been run through watching for significant drop in ppm if this is middle of grow I shoot for target of 3-400 ppm this goal also works nice at final flush since your plant will consume what is left over it’s remaining time some say goal is zero ppm by final watering before harvest but anything below 200 is good. Since your plant is deprived of nutrients it’s leaves will yellow it will take any nutrients it needs from fan leaves and it’s own stores. A well flushed plant should have yellow dead fan leaves by the harvest


My misunderstanding…you made the above post to me…my reply was to explain my one post at the time.

Thk you all …this gives me a much better understanding so far this I what I have done now for the last watering I have florakleen which suppose to remove all salt build up etc and then 48 hrs of darkness

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it seems there is no one way to grow…from where to order seeds to germinating to type of grow medium, types of lights, how many hours per day of light during seedling/vegetative/flowering stages, what nutrients, extended dark hours at beginning of flowering and at the end of life, flushing and how often/much…even pH, some people keep it steady, others like to let it drift thru a range, others like it low at some stages, high at others…

There’s the basics, but we can’t keep it simple!

If it doesn’t kill it, does it make it stronger?


every strain is different and it is up to us as growers/artists to make our masterpiece


@paranorman So what don’t you understand still? What is still confusing you about this?


relax at some point a topic becomes dead and we move on directing a comment at a person with questions or a lack of understanding is niether polite or courteous this is an open forum and any answer or question should be taken as non personal and about furthering our understanding of topics. Not all people learn things the same way much like our plants they will require some time and adjusting, in the end our plants much like people do what suits them :wink:

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Lol I’m just trying to help him understand @Donaldj, but ok?
So anyway… Do you get it yet @Paranorman? It’s really simple trust me! And you don’t HAVE TO flush. It’s just what most people do because it helps with taste when doing it at the end of harvest. When doing it during a grow its just to help wash out extra nutes.

Sorry for the confusion - I ; like you don’t go with the 3x’s container size which is after you have finished all your nutirents - meaning example: 8 week flower time - feed nutrient’s till week 6 and flush weeks 7-8. Talked to Advanced Nutrients rep about flushing and they said for example: with the 3 part (micro. grow,flower ) nutrients and they suggested to use the nutrients as directed meaning that at week 6- no more nutrients and then use Budswell (Tea) in weeks 7-8 ( till harvest) I was just giving the flushing that Grow Med University mentioned. But it comes down to strains grown harvest times can be from 8 weeks to 16 weeks. so in all reality 1 week of flushing is fine. Didn’t know this would bring so much controversity - but that’s how we all learn - I agree with all of you folks - I use 10 gallon and do a week flush. One reason people flush is to rid “N” and also improve taste. Now there is a issue with dispenseries selling marijuana with too many chemicals in the product and saying that this is not healthy. So to end all confusion one should grow “organic” instead of using “chemicals” - but using chemical nutrients one can achieve bigger buds and yields. hope this helps and understand your concerns - PEACE !!! Just look at flushing as cleaning the plant


I agree with what you are saying - flush the last 2 weeks before harvest - which depends on strains growing some 100% sativa;s take 16 weeks- so week 15 do a flush

What I don’t understand is the whole thing,
( and I certainly don’t know why it’s controversial ? )

I’ve never heard of it before and I’m trying to understand it

I’m not even a hundred percent sure I am understanding what’s being said here ?

I personally don’t see why anybody would ever flush a healthy plant, particularly at that point in its growth cycle ?

maybe you can help me understand your thinking behind this -thanks

Edit: @Donaldj I regret if my trying to understand this seemed impolite in some way to you ? I’m fairly new to soil growing and there’s many things I don’t understand about it ? This was one of those things

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Yeah I guess we all have different ways of growing but I’ve never heard of this before Steve…

Maybe it shouldn’t be called a “flush” because to me flushing is when I have a plant with some pH issues or what have you and I run copious amounts of water through it

maybe they should be called something else I don’t know what, the final cleanse or something else because I think it leads to confusion. I thought that’s what was going on in this thread (and I’m still not sure it isn’t)

Lol @Paranorman we will call it a final cleanse then, since the word flush is causing you such a confusion.
Giving a healthy plant just water is not a bad thing either. So when you say “flushing is done because there’s a problem”, it’s really you who has the misconception here. Flushing is done for problems in soil AS WELL AS done for just “cleansing” the soil of chemicals. It depends WHY you’re choosing to do a flush. Simply for the fact that no one wants to smoke chemicals! Lol do you want to smoke chemicals? Think about it more than just the fact that you’re removing nutrients. You’re removing chemicals and the taste that follows it. Hence, plain water. No chemicals.
Still confused?


I would love if @MacGyverStoner or @latewood could come lend a hand here. I know it’s not your problem anymore but damn I would really love someone else to explain it who knows more technical terms and ways to explain it.

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I am understanding you now and thank you for your explanation.

I recall seeing somewhere that someone flushed their plants before switching them from veg to flower too, so I guess this is a thing some growers do, thank you for your input

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I think you have the right idea @Paranorman in what you are saying, you don’t necessarily need to actually flush anything through your soil.

The term flushing has come to be a general term that has come about to describe starving your plant of nutrients towards the end of the flowering period – to get the plant to use up all the nutrients stored in its tissues. And this reduction of available nutrients at the end does not necessarily need to be actually “flushed” out.

And as far as how much water and how long before harvest, this will be dependent on how much nutrients are in the soil and how much are in the plant. A very large plant with lots of healthy large fan leaves will have lots of stored nutrients in those leaves. And obviously in a deep water culture setup, where the hydro water and the root zone are one in the same, no actual “flush” needs to be done, except maybe to flush any leftover nutrient water out during a reservoir change, and the last fill up with plain pH’ed water only, maybe up to a week before, but often with as little as only a couple of days before harvest as there is nothing really stored in the media at the rootzone.

I think the confusion comes from the fact that “flushing” is also used to describe the actuall soil flushing that is sometimes required from something building up and getting too far out of wack in soil, like extreme pH problems, nutrient mineral salt toxicity build ups, and general over fertilization. Although they are both done the same way in some soil grows, they are for very different reasons.

Happy growing,



Thank you for your/ every bodies input - basically do what works for you - and this site did it’s job - got members to answer and learn about marijuana cultivation “subjects” Glad I’m a member if “I love Marijuana”


No issues - that’s how one learns and thanks for all you input - If one wants more information on flushing go to “grow weed easy.com” this will clear-up all questions


You want the plant to use nutrients stored within itself. It cannot do that if you keep feeding it with nutrients. By flushing the last 2 weeks; The plant will use up stored nutrients which will make the buds taste great.