Flushing my first scrog

Need to clarify correct flushing process I am 2 weeks to harvest last feeding was 6/2 6/6 watered added 1ml of bud candy and 6/11 just distilled water plants in 5 gallon smartpots each 1 gets 1 gallon… planning on harvesting 6/16 ??? How much water for flush per pot and can I use tap water ph correct or do I have to use distilled


Beautiful grow! I’m new to this so I’ll let some of the more experienced growers answer your flushing question. Good luck.

Flush for 2 weeks ? flush 3x’s container size over a 2 week period

Ok thks so 15 gallons per pot in 2 weeks can I use tap water and just ph to 6.0 or do I have to continue using distilled

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You’ll want to flush each pot with 15 gallons of water (since each pot is 5 gallons. 5x3=15). And yes, that water needs to be correctly pH balanced, and distilled. You want everything out of the soil. Then just plain pHed water every watering until you harvest.

And no @steve2, you flush 2 weeks BEFORE harvest. Not 2 weeks continuously!

use de-natured water - tap water left/set out for 24hrs

Ok cool that save some money been paying .88 gallon not bad but 15 gallons…thks for follow up much appreciated

Hello question started flushing only used 3 gallons so far ordered a 420 scope 60x-100x had been using jewelers loupe and with closer look seeing clear,milky and small amounts of amber can I add another feeding and wait another week or 2 to start flush

You can, but I don’t know why you would when you just said yourself that you’re seeing milky and Amber. You’ll want to finish flush and let her finish out with just water. I wouldn’t recommend anymore nutrients though.


“And no @steve2, you flush 2 weeks BEFORE harvest. Not 2 weeks continuously!”

Okay, I am confused

When I think of flushing a plant I think of:

1) Flushing

A plant has a serious problem and I’m going to pop it in the tub and run pH’ed water through it (I’m not going to run 3x the volume because I don’t believe that volume is necessary, I’ve never used more than 1x/volume to correct a problem but let’s skip that discussion for now please)

2) Flushing

Withholding all nutrients the last 2 weeks before Harvest

Now, I’m kind of confused… are you saying two weeks before harvesting I need to run copious amounts of water through it (#1) and then withhold nutrients for two weeks (#2) ?

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sorry if I confused you - I agree 3x’s container size is a bit to much - but let me add this - for flushing "organic "grows recommend 2 weeks and for chemical nutrients flush for 4 weeks and yes this did come from a responsible source; So with a 8 week flower time weeks 7 & 8 flush. Flushing is a debatable subject just like “defoliation” that being said if one flushes it can improve taste and correct “defoliation” can improve yields, ect. Thanks for your input - I do agree

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Are we making this “flush” too confusing for people?

  1. flush the soil for problems…run extra plain pH’ed water through the soil to wash it out.

  2. flush the plant to rid it of chemicals…the end of life cleaning…regular watering schedule WITHOUT nutrients.

Just clarify what is being flushed? The rest should be easier to explain?


@steve2 Steve I wasn’t necessarily confused by you, but I’m not sure what is being said regarding Flushing.

I thought flushing was a gradual process where over the last two weeks the plants nutrients are withheld to encourage the plant to use up the nutrients in the soil first, and then in itself, there by mellowing out the smoke (Flush #2)

But what I thought was being said here is that two weeks prior to harvesting give a plant a 3X volume flush ? (Flush #1)

So are you saying that 2 weeks before Harvest flush 3x volume through it and then for the next two weeks feed only plain pH’ed water ?

…are you saying both of these should be done?

That’s what I thought I was reading up top but I’m not sure still ?



I’ve heard of flushing the soil just before the last weeks, to assist in getting rid of the chemicals in the plant…it sort of makes sense…but I myself can not recommend as I am still reading and learning.

BUT, if I described the above to someone, I would say Flush the soil AND Flush the plant…not just Flush.

And you know, if you read enough online, you will read truths, half truths and get misinformation

I am not sure what Steve is referring to, best for him to clarify

Flushing is done last and then harvest - Use nutrients thru grow and the flush before harvest - hope this helps,. sorry about confusion ! always glad to help - if want more information on flushing - can give you some excellent sites fro more information and better understanding

Use de-natured water (tap water that has set out for 24 hr’s before use)

After reading @latewood last post, I am going to just Flush the plant at end of life.

I’m heading to the beach but I’m going to check back later because this is not really making sense to me

why would anybody do it 3x volume flush on a healthy plant two weeks before Harvest?

That will only slow the plant down ? I want the plan to use the available nutrients to continue to thrive and to grow and pack on the crystal, not stop it short and then starve it for next two 2 weeks ?

Am I not reading this right ? isn’t that what was being said to do with 3x volume flush ?

That’s what that @iceberg got for an answer above… ( I think? )

…and I’m questioning if that was intended answer and why anyone would suggest that?

If I’m misreading or missing something please help me understand, I don’t want to think there’s people out there Flushing 15 gallons of water through some poor Plant they’ve put so much work into for no reason, or worse, for a misunderstanding

@steve2 I sent this to your attention by mistake, I think you and I may be saying the same thing but I’m still not really sure.