Flushing my babies hope its not too early

I have started the flushing process…Purple and Blue Haze!

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Have you checked the color of the trichomes first?

Are these auto or photos? If you’re growing strictly outdoors, and they’re photos, I highly doubt they’re ready.
They look great to me, but also look like they need more time.

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Looks like you are close. Also looks like some rot beginning to form

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Yes there is…been picking that off too…dont want to loose the bunch…but still trying to bide time as well with the weather so hot here in San Diego.

I agree…they are strickly outdoors…but starting tonrot a little. They are almost there but not quit, I agree but potent none the less…tryi g to wait as long as wee can tho…indeed!

Bud rot sucks. Lots of growers are battling it this year.