Flushing is a Myth?

Well let me start out by saying I have believed in flushing.
I think the basic theory behind it is sound, deny the pant nutrients at the end of flowering so it consumes itself and thus leaves you a higher concentration of plant to product ratio. All that greenery has choraphil and minerals in it.
I’m no biochemist though.

Here is a research paper that has said to proven flushing is pointless, although unfortunately this is the only study done to date that I can find.
I wonder what a larger scale study that included a flushing agent vs water flushing vs control would ultimately show.




This is a thesis paper. One thesis paper. By their own admittance, they screwed up some testing. I wouldn’t go around saying flushing has been proven to be to pointless solely because you read this thesis paper.

I am very much open to scientific studies which may repudiate firmly held notions. Until more research comes out corroborating this one person’s experience, I will stick with flushing. :grinning:


Think of all the research we are going to be flooded with over the next 20 years on cannabis now that it’s federally legal here in Canada!

Valid points @blackthumbbetty I read the summary =l


Not just Canada, but everywhere, eventually. Angela Merkel is even mentioning legalization.

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Right but no where else has federally legalized it for recreational use yet…
So Canada is going to be pushing ahead without any barriers and lots of funding.

I’m currently a paramedic finishing my degree in occupational health and safety that I’m hoping to get into the cannabis industry via the this route in order to get the dream job of being an international cannabis consultant from the OHS standpoint (since most big companies use ISO safety programs but industry specifics in cannabis have yet to be developed):star_struck::innocent:

So this area is super cool to me.

I believe many countries will follow, someone had to do it first that was in the big G7 and thankfully Canada did that even if they did a piss poor job of it


In Canada, Georgia, South Africa, and Uruguay, cannabis is legal.

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Yeah but non G7 countries don’t matter, because half their laws are fked up or they are to small for the majority of the world to really take seriously.

Portugal legalized prostitution and heroine but did everyone follow suit? Nope (even though the results were positive)

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And I’m out.


My take
Flushing is needed when growing with salt based chelated nutrients (man made)
Flushing is not needed when growing mother nature’s way (nature made)


Colombia did a couple of years ago.

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Okay sorry my bad what I meant to say is no other G7 country legalized it federally.

This study was done on a federal legal grow done in promix HP from clones, so they were feeding heavy salts the whole time.

Flushing allows for smoother taste burn


I don’t flush I water only the last several weeks


Welcome to the forum @Meric0786!!

@Meric0786 that’s the traditional thought but it hasn’t been proven fact and this study’s saying differently.

@Hogmaster do you grow in coco or soil? See I grow in soil so I assume you woild have to flush otherwise there is to much nutes in the medium vs coco

This isn’t a true study! It’s a college student’s thesis report, with poor lab protocols involved, causing the testing to be inaccurate, as noted by the author, himself.
@Hogmaster don’t we consider water only for several weeks flushing, as well?


I believe there’s a lot of context that could sway blanket statements either way. I don’t believe the typical pothead could tell you the difference between well grown synthetically or organically grown weed. Nor do I believe that you need to go several weeks without feeding or dump a metric ton of water though your pots to have good weed either.


I’m in soil you can call it what you want but I’ve never done 5 gallons of water per 5 gallon pot type of flush I always stop my nutrients and then water for 3 to 4 weeks always done it that way call it what you will


In media I do a Florakleen dose with straight R/O to runoff for a couple of weeks prior to harvest and I watch the runoff TDS to get below certain levels. In hydro I just run R/O until the TDS is down around 100 in the rez.

And THAT stuff is the finest weed I mean cannabis I’ve ever used.


There are many ways to skin a donkey. For what it is worth, here’s my chosen way. I grow in FFOF, use organic/veganic nutes and still use an r/o water and yucca mix the last two weeks. The smoke turns out very smooth and tasty and suits my medicinal needs.

Happy growing!