Flushing, how important is it

What are the benefits and consequences?

Benefits are saving money on nutrients. Studies suggest most people can’t tell the difference in taste. :metal:


I think @Underthestairs nailed it. I flushed first grow and will not be flushing my current one. Try it both ways and see what works best for you.


I honestly notice no difference. If you grow with good stuff you should end up with good stuff.


You will probably not tell any difference in the taste or buzz either way. But I think that flushing along with proper drying and curing is the three most important things you can do, after the grow to insure the best product.
I know this from the experience of some years, and don’t want to gross anyone out here. But when I flush before harvest it is a cleaner smoke. At least what I cough and hack up is a lot clearer and cleaner, than when I didn’t flush.
When you do the flush test. Try this roll a joint with both types, and check out how they burn. The flushed will have a very lite gray to white ash on the end, and will stay lit longer. The non flushed will have a dark gray ash, and the fire will die quickly.

Well that certainly sounds reasonable.

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I settled on a compromise, and it’s been working well for my last several grows. I don’t flush any large amounts of water through the soil the way I used to, but I cut nutrients out a week and a half before harvest and just give them water with Flawless Finish.


I agree, and don’t run gallons of water down the drain. Just use plain RO, and start increasing watering to about 25-50% run off, during the last 10-14 days.


I personally just quit giving nutrients when I feel im about 2 weeks out from harvest. I like to see the plant kinda use itself up. I cant say it does or doesnt make any difference but I do not like flushing. Ive even started thinking about trying out bottom watering to help prevent salt buildup. so I wont need to water till run off. probably wont work but I like trying new thing. of course my current plant is a runt because of new ideas. lol


First few grows flushed as recommended… Tried the Fox farm flush stuff… What a waste and hassle.

Now my “flush” is really just watering with no nutes the last week or so before harvest… But my ppms of run off are never as low as a flush.

Good luck!