Flushing & health

here’s my next problem, couldn’t wait till the finished product. cut off a few hidden buds dried them enough to burn em an did so. Got a sore throat & some conjestion. I’m doing these hydroponicly, using G,H, chemicals, didn’t flush the plants. Can the saly build up cause this?
In the future should I wait till the end before sneaking a buzz? If this my problem can I keep the material pruned before flushing them and make butter? Read on another site that you should flush between plant cycles? (did get a good buzz IGLM White Widow auto 1st grow) I feel stupid asking this but if it helps out someone else I’ll gladly feel stupid.

On this forum the only stupid question is the one you did not ask. Now lets see if I can help answer your questions. Weather you grow in soil or hydro if you are feeding them a lot of nutes you will taste that if you try to smoke a small test bud. I normally wait until I am in the flushing stage for a few days before I try a small bud to see how it is. Only time I flush is the last 2 to 3 weeks before I cut my plants down. If you dried your test buds out to fast that can sometimes cause the sore throat and congestion. I just pop my test bud into the microwave until its dry about 60-90 seconds stopping every 20 seconds to turn them over and check them. You can take the buds and turn them into butter if you want, just if you only have a small amount it might not be worth the trouble of making it into butter.

thanks, I don’t want to make any of my friends sick with this. I’m now in the OLD sector of life seems like I go to funerals now way to often. As an old newbie I feed them probably too many nutes, My buddy that tried the buds with me had the same reaction. I dried them by hanging on a rack with paper clips for a week or better. The smoke was really smooth and the buzz was excelent, took away alot of my back pain & anxiety was gone for awhile as well. Or state has recently legalized pot for med. reasons and sveral friends an I obtained licenses. The dipenseries haven’t opened yet (almost a year now) and from the hear say that I heard said most of us old farts won’t be able to afford it anyhow. So I’m tryin to do this for myself & a few friends. Probably smoked a pick up truck bed or two of pot in my youth & now I’m back
I quit for my family years ago, my job required random piss testing. Humm feed kids er catch a buzz, guess I’ll feed the rug rats. In the original letter I said saly build up, meant salt, got fat fingers & artheritse (-5 for spelling) Thanks for your input & listening to me ramble about pot & life.

No problem my friend. I would do medical myself here in Florida but it is way cheaper for me to grow my own then pay the price the shop charges.

Wait till social security kicks in you’ll be a millonaire just like me! (thats a joke) $60 plus dollars for a 1/8 oz is nuts & unobtanible for my group of friends.

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