Flushing Guides

Hey Everybody…just wanted to ask everyone when they would usually start to flush out and finish off and for how long?..Im at week 11 now with only 1 of the girls starting to show and drop a lot more yellowing dying off leaves…so continue feeding? or start to flush? Thanks everyone…I look forward to your advice and opinions

Are you monitoring your ppm in and out? Unless you have abnormally high build up of nutrients, flushing probably isn’t required.

No not monitoring the ppm at all…and no build up at all…pretty happy and healthy girls…I did give them all a straight water drink last night…ph 6.3…will see how that goes…so you think flushing in general is not needed? Have heard some people prefer to flush out any remaining nutes tastes or smells…Whats your preference…thanks for the response…talk soon…

I don’t don’t flush unless it’s to change ph or change amount of nutrients to correct an issue. Closest thing I do to that is give a reduced nutrient last couple of feedings.