Flushing for harvest. Sledgehammer?

I will be harvesting in next week or two. I started to flush this week. I have the fox farm dirty dozen pack and wondering if it’s ok to flush with the sledge hammer or just regular ph water? Im afraid I waited a little too long and afraid I won’t have enough time to complete flush and still harvest at The Trichome level I am wanting. Didn’t know if sledgehammer would help speed up the flushing process? It says on the bottle it’s organic…but I need some advice of real world growers, and not just what the manufacturer “says”. Thanks again all. Stay safe and medicated. :+1::exploding_head:

It will help remove the nutrients. That’s what it’s for. Make sure to let it sit in the pot for 30 minutes to an hour before following it up with plain water. It allows it to absorb all the salts it can. There will be some left over and that’s why following up with plain water is necessary.


@Bobbydigital awesome man. Thank you for the tip. I think I’m going to use it next watering. :+1:

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