Flushing Fill Drain Bucket System


Hey all, I haven’t been flushing my system between nute changes. All I’m doing is removing most of the solution from the reservoir (as much as the pump will take out) then filling with fresh water and adding the new batch of nutes.

I do have a white film covering the inside of the buckets and reservoir and I’m sure it’s inside the pumps, fittings, and hoses as well. Is there an easy way to remove this? I’ll be harvesting this grow next week and then switching over to the new batch of babies and want things to be tidy before the new ladies go in.

Edit: I am using Canna Aqua nutes if that makes a difference.


Have you tried plain water? If it was water soluble to begin with it is probably water soluble now. I’d try soaking or running some water through hoses for a while to see if it all dissolves. It will be much more soluble in plain water than in nute solution. Then if that doesn’t work you might try full strength vinegar. Flush it well afterwards or your new solution will be way too acid. If desperate something like CLR mineral deposit remover will work but you have to flush it very well afterwards because that stuff is toxic.


Vinegar usually loosens even hard water deposits like in a coffee maker let it soak for a bit and rinse and wipe


I’m planning on doing dwc with canna aqua line at some point, you have any notes to share?

Are you using cannazyme? Or any of the additives? To my understanding the cannazyme or other beneficial bacteria should help with that.


I used Cannazyme and PK. I didn’t use the Boost because it was crazy expensive! I am using the Hydroguard as well.


The boost is expensive, but is supposedly the reason canna nutes are on the map. One of the ingredients isn’t found in most lines, and that’s suppose to be the difference.

Have you been monitoring res temps? Proper dose of cannazym should break down roots and turn to carb for plant to consume. At least that’s my understanding, sorry I can’t really help more than that.


@dbrn32 yes, I have been monitoring res temps and they hold steady at 68 degrees. I might pony up the cash for the boost this cycle and see if it makes a difference.

I completely drained my system and filled it with fresh water. It has not dissolved the grit in the bottom of the res/buckets or the film on the walls/hoses. After I harvest next week I will try to scrub everything down really well and I will run a gallon of straight vinegar through the system. Hopefully that knocks it all back!


Temps look good. Like I said, wish I could help more. Perhaps looking into adding peroxide or hydroguard levels would help, but I’m really not sure.

I would expect pretty good things from the boost.