Flushing before harvest?

Hey folks,

It’s my very first grow , it’s been very exciting and you all been very helpful navigating me throughout the process from the beginning without you all I couldn’t make it that far.

I think I am week or two away from harvest, I want to ask you if I should start flushing now or just use water without any nutrients? I just did another feeding with tiger bloom and cal-mag and my ppm is around 700, so what you all gonna recommend in order to get most out of those buds? Thank you

to get the most out of those buds before harvest?

The pistils should become brown, when it’s ready for harvest. You still have several weeks to weeks to go.


Got ya , thanks. I am going on vacation from 13-20 so I hope I won’t miss the right time to harvest

do you have a small clip-on macro lens for your phone camera to get a true look at the trichomes; see % of clear trichs to cloudy trich’s (and if any have turned amber)…??

concur that it’s a likely a couple weeks to harvest

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Yes I got one of those devices where you can see really close diamonds and all that but I looked my buds yesterday but couldn’t really tell, will try again today,

took me a time or 2 to get the hang of using it. It’s very useful