Flushing and rinsing marijuana


A question from a fellow grower:

I am near 5 weeks into blooming. I have been reading about flushing the soil near end of bloom cycle before harvest. I have been using neem oil, spraying the leaves, every two weeks as counter measures to any possible insect invasion. My question is : should I spray rinse with water, the leaves and plant before harvest? It says it is safe up till day of harvest, but I have concerns, ie residuals affecting taste. Concerned for my baby.


In my experience; Neem Oil makes your pot taste like crap. Sorry to inform you. :oops: I would recommend a nice shower 2 weeks before you want to harvest. Adjust the water tamps to feel like a refreshing fall afternon shower. Make sure all the plant gets rinsed*.

a. potted plants should be wrapped in a trash bag, with bag twisted, in order to allow you to tip plant upside down, keeping soil in pot. "Visualize"
b. Hydro plants can be more easily manipulated.


Not to mention; You need to place the plants between a couple nice flowing oscillating fans in order to dry them out in an hour or 2. You need to dry the buds in order to stifle mold/mildew.

It is best to do this a week or 2 before harvest, and at the safe time you induce “flushing”. This allows the lant to use stored nutrients, improving taste, and to make sure the Neem oil reidue is gone by harvest.

Hope this helps. :slight_smile: