Flushing, am i doing it right?

I started flushing a little over 1 week ago and plan on harvesting on Tuesday. I started off with 800 ppm and have watered 3 times since then with PH’d water the first two times and then today i did its last water with florakleen. I tested the runoff and my ppm was still high, 500ppm. I was hoping this was my last water but now im not sure. My tap water is 230ppm from the start, and like ive said ive done 3 straight waters with no nutes. Any help?

Did you wash out the florakleen?

Tap water is 230 to start so really your tds is 270

Yeah true i didnt think that way.

I didnt, as it said it didnt need to be. I did 2 gallons of normal water and 1 gallon of water with florakleen in that order

I see that stuff is different than the sledgehammer. Does that stuff have any ppm to it? Wonder if that’s where you’re getting your extra 200 ppm

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I use the florakleen and no extra ppms.
My tap is 130 and that’s what the meter read after adding. :+1::v:

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So realistically since im at 500ppm and my tap is 230, my ppm is 270. If im going to harvest tuesday, will it be low enough by then? the plant has root rot issues and is dying and i really cant wait any longer as the stem is now starting to die all the way up. I dont want to ruin almost 5 months of growing lol.

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You’ll be fine where you’re at. Some of that Ppm might be coming from the roots breaking down.