Flushing agent necessary?

I’m using Robert’s line of nutrients, which is 100% organic, in miracle grow soil. Plants are looking beautiful just under 4 weeks into flowering. Question is is a flush necessary at all since the nutes are organic? I want it to be a short process if it’s even necessary so they can get as much time with the thc/mass booster as possible…so if a flush is necessary is a cleaning agent like floraclean a good idea to hurry it up?

Nitrogen is Nitrogen. Yes you must flush for best taste. You do not need commercial flush agents. Just use PH’d water for the last 2 weeks

I flush with just water 3 times in last an. And it’s perfect I think and so do my freinds.

late…I have been using ph’d water since day one. will I need to flush my baby anyway??

PH has nothing to do with flushing. PH maintains a balance for the plant to properly uptake nutrients.

Flushing is to remove excess minerals from the plant in order to make it taste better.

thanks again. so, a ten gallon felt pot would need how much water to flush then?

@phoenix420 I think the information on flushing you might be looking for is during the last 2 weeks in soil (some flush for less time in Hydro) stop feeding nutes and only feed the plant pH’ed water, giving the plant time to use up all the chemicals in the soil and in the plant and therefore smoothing out the finished product
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? On flushing I have just started flushing just using distilled water my question is do u water more or do you just replace feeding day with just distilled water I currently water on Monday and feed on Thursday all plants are in 5 gallon smartpots and I also have florakleen

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Flushing is done for 2 reasons, primarily.

  1. For nutrient toxicity levels we flush with 3x’s the capacity of pot. 10 gallon pot = 30 gallon flush.

  2. We flush at the end of the life cycle to remove salts from the soil and to allow plant to use it’s stored nutrients causing the leaves to yellow at the end of the life cycle. This can be done with standard watering practices over a week or 2. :slight_smile:


late…would this be true also for outdoor grow in a felt ten?

thanks in advance…

I have been using ph water since day one. if I flush with thirty gallons of water and use house water which has high calcium, will I be ok?

Happy Growing…

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Do you mean RO water? PH water does not make sense in regards to the calcium water question.

I would use good water. Water high in Calcium will leaves Calcium deposits, thereby defeating the purpose of the flush. Same reason you quit using CalMag in flower.

Hope this is the answer you needed Peace, lw

How big would the plants get if I put it in a 200 gallon pot :point_up:indoor

Back in my day flushing was what you would do with your weed when the cops were pounding at your door.

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Welcome to ILGM forum, that’s funny. Just a heads-up it’s been 3 years since anyone has posted on this thread. But your comment is still funny. :grin::rofl: